One common issue that most users face when connecting an Android Smartphone with their Desktop PC or Laptop is the smartphone connecting then disconnecting and this goes on and on. There is a simple way to fix this issue.

Why does the smartphone connect then disconnect when connected to my Desktop PC / Laptop?

This happens when the USB port that you are using to connect your smartphone to the PC is not able to provide adequate continuous power as a result phone connects then disconnects and this happens again and again. You will not be able use the phone or select other transfer modes. This can happen for many reasons; the most common reason is when using a USB hub.

Many users use USB hub to connect multiple devices deriving power from a single USB port, now if you connect your smartphone using the USB hub the chances are that you might face the above issue i.e. phone connects / disconnects then connects / disconnects and this goes on and on. This can happen even with the front USB ports on your desktop.

Android connect / disconnect issue when connected with PC

How to fix android connect / disconnect issue when connected to a PC?

If you are using a hub try removing the hub and connect the smartphone directly. The other option is to use the USB port on the back side of your desktop, this method will surely work. If you are using a laptop try using another USB ports.

The connect / disconnect issue usually happens on a desktop.

Check the video below

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