With the launch of iPhone 4S, Airtel is now offering the iPhone 4 8GB variant for Rs. 37,900 along with Airtel special offers where in you can choose the monthly rental plans and save up to 50% on that plan. If you remember Airtel came with an irresistible offer on iPhone 4 with option to recover the cost by up to 50%.

These new offers are on the same lines and if you choose a higher plan you can save more in 24 months with 50% discount on Tariff MRP. Let’s have a look at the Airtel special offer tariff plans and see if it is worth it.

Airtel Special Offers on iPhone 4 8GB

Offer duration is 24 months.

Plan 600 Plan 1000 Plan 1600 Plan 2000
Monthly Rs. 600 Monthly Rs. 1000 Monthly Rs. 1600 Monthly Rs. 2000
Free per month
500 Local mins 900 Local mins 1400 Local mins 1500 Local mins
300 Local + National SMS 400 Local + National SMS 500 Local + National SMS 600 Local + National SMS
200 MB 3G data 500 MB 3G data 1200 MB 3G data 3072 MB 3G data
MRP : Rs. 600 MRP : Rs. 1000 MRP : Rs. 1600 MRP : Rs. 2000
You Pay : Rs. 300 You Pay : Rs. 500 You Pay : Rs. 800 You Pay : Rs. 1000
50% discount 50% discount 50% discount 50% discount
How much do you Spend / Save
You spend Rs. 37,900 on iPhone 4 (8GB)
You save Rs. 7200 in 24 months You save Rs. 12,000 in 24 months You save Rs. 1920 in 24 months You save Rs. 24,000 in 24 months

Is this offer really good?

Yes and No depends on your usage. If you look at this offer in a different way consider Plan 2000 where you pay Rs. 37,900 for the iPhone 4 (8GB version) and then end paying up Rs. 24,000 in 24 months so in all you have spent 61,900 in 24 months. This is with the discount, without the discount you end up paying Rs. 85,900.

iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 - 8GB offers from Airtel
iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 - 8GB offers from Airtel

If you look at it in a logical way you are spending more money and this plan will only benefit you if you use all of the free local mins, SMS and 3G data usage every month. Because, if you are not using it you really aren’t saving anything, in fact paying more than what you are using.

These plans look really tempting because majority of mobile consumers look at the saving part and really do not bother to look at the whole picture. Moreover out of 10 people who subscribe to these plans only 1 or 2 may use all of the freebies every month and actually benefit from it, the rest are still happy believing that they are saving money.

Now before you jump in and subscribe to such plans ask yourself these questions!

  • Will you use all the local mins per month?
  • Will you really send that many SMS’s per month?
  • Will you use the 3G network?

Check out the offers on iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 (8GB) from Airtel.

I would suggest you try buying the iPhone 4 16GB refurbished version which is priced at Rs. 22,500 it is, much, much cheaper, but I am not sure it will not be that easy to get one. Good luck!

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in