Xiaomi has shifted their focus on Redmi 1S and the sales of Xiaomi Mi3 has be suspended for now. The next flash sale will be for the Redmi 1S at a price of Rs. 5,999. The good news is that this time Xiaomi will have about 40,000 units, well I guess it will still go out of stock in seconds.

Surprisingly Xiaomi has stopped the Mi3 sales and there is no confirmation if they will start it again. It seems the buzz is now on the 1S and then later, on the Redmi Note. Most likely in December Xiaomi might get the Mi4 in India. There will be 40K Redmi 1S for the 2nd September sale – Xiaomi has confirmed this on their Facebook page.

The Xiaomi Redmi 1S is powered by qualcomm snapdragon 8228 1.6GHz quad core processor. It sports a 4.7 inch screen with HD resolution. There is 1GB RAM and 8GB storage. The 1S comes with 8MP rear camera and 1.6MP front camera.

This is a dual SIM handset with 3G support. It comes loaded with basic sensors (light, proximity, accelerometer) plus the magnetic sensor. There is 2050 mAh battery. The 1S is priced at a very tempting Rs. 5,999. Review coming soon (before 2nd).

40K redmi 1S will go on sale on 2nd september


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  1. My Mi 1S camera has stopped working. There is an error massage that restart ur phone each and every time. Sometimes there is also another message that hdm off. How to solve it, kindly reply.

  2. Hi gogi,

    I got priority pass for Redmi 1s.. today i going to order my redmi 1s. waiting for your review..

  3. As Flipkart first customer they have not given me priority. But i will try to get maximum possible handset on 2nd. Lets see how they will stop me to book and cancel the orders.

  4. Gogi bhai. We are waiting for s1 review..because you promised that review will before 1,2 sept..so plz ..

  5. gogi sir atleast flash the exact time for Redmi 1S review like you did in case of Xioami Mi3

      1. Hi Gogi,

        I have got below message from xiaomi india.
        “Congratulations for the Redmi 1S Priority pass.”

        Are there more chances to me to get this device?

  6. I have checked it in CPU Z app itself,same thing is showing but in about phone option in mobile there shows 2.3ghz qualcom.it scored 30025 on antutu on balanced battery.but it hangs while multitasking.ram comes arnd 350-450 free.is it nrml with everyone or else?

    1. switch it off and start it !!
      The normal case is when u will strt phone then it 1100 mb ram will be free .As u will use it , by the end of day only 400 mb will be left !!

  7. Anyone who receives confirmation email of the Flipkart First special 1st Spetember sale can they please screenshot me the mail??
    I have not received any yet and would like to know if some one else got the offer or not

    1. It looks they are not giving first access to their free flipkart first customers. they send me mail stating my registration was after 2000 customers. though i had registered well in time.

      1. G flops are more that’s of course true but what does that matter on a 720p screen?? Gflops=amount of data being psuhed to the screen. On a 1080p the 320 performs better true on a 720p the mali kills it due to the larger number of texture units and shaders. It’s like comparing Vram of a graphics card rather than the gpu units itself

    1. Go for s1.. Cause its having snapdragon…note having mtk but octa and 2GB ram..but price wise and overall s1 is best 1..Use 360 antivirus app for protecting and boosting ram…plz try it ..best boosting app..

  8. Gogi bhai- The features for this phone is little confusing in FLIPKART’s page. Under features section this phone features dual sim gsm+gsm. But when you scroll down, in detailed specs, it says 3g is only via WCDMA.
    Can you pls confirm which one is true.

    1. Chaitanya wcdma is a standard frequency set for 3g..plz switch to auto mode means it support both 2g and 3g ..and other sim2 is supported gsm means only 2g..

  9. as a flipkart first customer i registerd @ sharp 6:02 when reg start on 26th still no email by flipkart for the priority sale felling frustrated dont knw whats going on with xiaomi and flipkart

    1. Dude, I was refreshing the registration page every few seconds and the registration opened only around 6.04 pm and I registered at 6.04 pm. Being a flipkart first customer, I’ve got an email that I am in the first 2000 who could buy the 1S tomorrow.

  10. My question is that I have got an email from flipkart today regarding the 999/- rs. MI Power bank now the problem is that I wanna know are they really gonna provide us the original one ? Cos Snapdeal sold my friend the local one so I’m in a Lil doubt.

    1. Few ways to check if it i original or not
      1) check the provided micro usb cable, if it has the MI logo then it is FAKE
      2) Check the Micro USB port it should be greyish
      3) Check the normal USB port it should be recessed
      4) Plug a USB cable both ends into the battery. If it shows charging then it is FAKE
      5) Plug the battery into charge and with another USB cable connect a phone. If it charges the phone then it is REAL
      6) if it automatically detects the phone as soon as you plug it in without pressing the power key then it is REAL
      7)If the LED lights have a diffused look to them then it is the REAL product
      8) If the writing on the back is in a light text then it is REAL.

  11. Hi Gogi,
    I just need ur help.As i bought MI3 from shopclues,they delivered me the black color version.
    1.There is no dirac sound option is showing there.there shows the option of diffrent earphones selection like general rapbuds,xiomi piston like wise.
    2.The processor name i got from the antutu is qaulcom Quad Core ARMv7(VFPv4, NEON).
    is it a genuine processor,means the same as that of snapdragon 8274 or different?
    Plz let me help.and provide the respective details.

    1. Kuntal plz install CPU z app then check…but antutu showing same on that box mention.. Its only series matter bro…and what is your score after booting.

      1. I have checked on CPU Z app itself but there shows the Quad Core ARMv7(VFPv4, NEON).But in antutu it shows the same as snapdragon 8274.Is it a right processor or not?i got 30025 antutu on balanced battery after installing several apps.but it lacks as it shows only 350 ram availbale only.Please help me.

        1. It is the right handset don’t worry and di rac works only with the right headphones that support it

  12. Gogiji is xiomi planning to launch mitv2 in india in near future?? It looks fantastic and the price is unbelievable!!

  13. Red,white & black color is available in s1..gogi bhai. Can i buy s1 through flipkart app and any offer they provide with it or i should try the website & how can i get this with fast in my cart means tell me which browser is best

  14. After MI3,I have faith in xiaomi and I will definitely book it for my father !!
    ( well i will try my best to get it within 2nd week as it would also be a tough challenge like MI3 😛 )

  15. Please anybody can let me know that can we use normal android themes (basically use in India) inplace of MIUI in redmi 1s

    1. You can use any good launcher such as Google launcher or Nova Launcher,etc for a stock android experience

  16. Its nice to here that u got a handset ..We all are eager to know how it is…

    Please review the same before 1st September, Because Flipkart First customers can buy the phone on 1st Sept.
    So do review before 1st Sept..
    Thanks in Advance….Looking forward to your review and to buy one after that

  17. I would like you to add a drop test for the Redmi 1s review. There are basically hundreds of certified buyer reviews saying that the screen cracked after being dropped from 1.5 feet while xiaomi says that they have conducted drop tests 100s of times from 1m height. Also since Gorilla glass has been replaced with Dragontrail glass for the Indian version of Redmi 1s, please check if it is of any use.

  18. Xiaomi redmi 1s camera is just like other 10k phone but at 6k and better than moto g so sad but specs say that should be good in low light phone heats up and after 15 minutes games like injustice god among us and other high end game starts lagging just like other mediatek phones and lags because of 1gb ram and resource intensive miui but Huggo Barra said it will get android L update .So overall moto g is not getting defended if price is not the point of comparison and that too is available for 10k now and also considering asus zenfone 5 so it does not like mi3 wow factor and run other out of water that could be done just like mi3 but further update will sure as it has great hardware under the hood

    1. but where is MI 3 or asus zenphone 5 ???? if these companies cannot provide me 100000/ sets, then what the hell they are doing in india of 135 crore people?

  19. Gogi I am your huge fan, the way you do reviews r truly awesomeness..when can we expect a full review?and now android one is coming from micromax on September 1..is it wise to go for old device in form on redmi 1s?or we should wait for September 1.. One more question why don’t you review mi band? Is it compatible with xiaomi mi3? I myself own xiaomi mi3..I m planning to buy mi band after your review which is the best and trustworthy site and exct procedure? Can you explain like you do with your one plus one?..thanks.

    1. Mikey and Miband are both compatible with the Mi3 bought both waiting for delivery on September 1st week

  20. Why dont other manufacturer understand what customers want. If particular models are going out of sale in seconds, why not other maufaturer copy same specs near about in same price range?

  21. can you tell me about the colours offered to customers of redmi 1s? as mi3 is only available in steel colour.
    redmi 1s available in what colours?

  22. What i get to know is that Xiaomi is making whole New Redmi 1s for whole new Experience for Indian user in it they have shifted LED light from top to bottom (Near home button) and they have freed more Ram above 350mb rest is same!

  23. Gogiji you are doing great job!

    Redmi 1S review before 2nd Sept will be very very useful.

    Please check in your review:

    LED Notification
    App to SD card support
    OTG Performance
    Regional Language support
    Camera Quality (in-depth)
    Macro results
    Network issue?
    In call Voice Volume & qt.
    Loud speaker volume
    Ringtone volume
    In house GPS performance
    Multitasking & free RAM
    Storage for Apps
    Battery usage

    Eagerly awaiting for Review & thereafter 2:00 pm of 2nd September:-)

    1. I would like to add a drop test for the Redmi 1s review.
      There are basically hundreds of certified buyer reviews saying that the screen cracked after being dropped from 1.5 feet while xiaomi says that they have conducted drop tests 100s of times from 1m height.
      Also since Gorilla glass has been replaced with Dragontrail glass for the Indian version of Redmi 1s, please check if it is of any use.

  24. good news….. i was expecting to see xiaomi offering atleast 50-60k units on sale but 40000 units isnt bad comparing to 15-20k units seen on mi3 flash sales. biggest concern should be the battery as it seems inadequate considering that its a 720p screen and that its a turbo charged quad core with highest clock speed of 1.6 ghz….. also there is a lot of confusion on the capacity of the battery….. originally it was mentioned that its 2400 mah on ndtv gadgets , then 2000 mah on xiaomi website n in flipkart now its quoted as 2050 mah….. lets hope there are no major disappointments with the redmi 1s flash sale on 2nd september.. ..

      1. Yes you are right with regards to the battery life…. Checked out the review of Xiaomi redmi 1s in ndtv gadgets and the battery life is awesome….

  25. Review before 2nd September that’s a really really good news sir.. Gogi sir when u review Red Mi 1s plz compare it with unite 2 & asus zenphone 4 (the latest One)…

  26. Hi Gogi sir I m planning to buy auxus note 5.5 but now I want to change my mind to the redmi 1s just because big difference in price, 14k vs 6k but I appreciate if u help me to chose which is best, auxus note or redmi 1s.

  27. Wow !!!! review before 2nd Sept Awesome Gogi Ji, good to hear that, lot of phones releasing in Sept, you will be etting busy i guess, thanks for all the awesome reviews, wonder why Xiaomi stopped mi3 sale when they were selling it like hot cake

  28. gogi do you have any idea about asus zenfone A450CG. . when it will be available? ???

  29. Gogi ji, there are many reviews for redmi 1s, but not a single review on performance, free ram, benchmarks in light mode. Please review light mode too as it is just a visual change or its really light on the system as free ram is little bit low in standard mode. Also some reviews has stated heating issue and call drops, please include that in the review too.

    1. The low free RAM issue with 1S is due to heavy ‘themes’ used in handset. If you change the theme that requires less Ram then you can multitask without any lag. But as per many reports battery life is below average.i would prefer to go for Redmi note that has good battery life and 2GB Ram and reportadly comes with a fast 2amp charger.

  30. Its dilemma to love xiaomi for their specs and price or to hate them for starving us by not providing stock..

  31. Feeling bad for enthusiastic redmi 1s buyes. I guess the same story will happen again. Grow up Xiaomi!!

    1. Yes I have, but a little busy with festive season so will get it before 2nd, and I have 2 more reviews to go live before that.

      1. Reviews of which phones gogi ji!. BTW how were you able to get a redmi 1s that soon!..

          1. Please do compare the handset with ASUS 4.5, moto g (Yes moto G configaration almost same as moto g), and others in this price range

      2. please cover camera performance in detail, also check is there any heating issue as told by one reviewer and does it lag because of less free ram?..waiting for review

        1. And please please mention its earphone experience ( or it have that DIRAC tech., really excited to know its music experience.)

      3. Gogi, I want to ask you that many people are telling that apps to sd is not supported. Will it be supported with new mi UI version. Eagerly waiting for Ur Review..

      4. Hi Gogi ,

        When will u be releasing the review of Xiaomi redmi 1s….. NDTV Gadgets have released their review today…. Just wanna be sure i get the perfect review from u…..