Micromax Canvas Magnus A117 review – 1.5GHz quad core for under Rs. 15K

The Micromax A117 Canvas Magnus with 5 inch HD screen, running on Android 4.2 with 1GB RAM and 4GB storage is available for under Rs. 15,000. This dual SIM handset with aluminium casing is available in Blue and White colours.

A117 Unboxing
The box pack contains the handset, 2000 mAh battery, warranty statement, user manual, earphones (of average quality) and data cable. The SAR value is mentioned on the box : 0.44 W/kg @ 1g Head and 0.67 W/kg @ 1g Body.

Design and Display
Design wise the handset looks similar to the Micromax A110 and the Micromax A116, similar curves and slimmer towards the edges, however the Micromax A117 is made of Aluminium. Opening up the battery compartment itself is not an easy task. The back cover is Aluminium and is clearly mentioned.

Micromax Canvas Magnus A117 weighs about 141 grams with battery, thickness is 9.05mm, breadth is 74.06mm and length is 144.42mm. 3.5mm audio jack and micro USB port are placed on the top, power / lock button on the right and volume rockers on the left.

Micromax A117 box pack

On the rear side there is 12MP AF camera with LED flash and speaker out. There are dual SIM slots (SIM 1/ SIM 2) and micro SD card slot with 32GB cards supported. This handset comes with a 5 inch capacitive touch IPS screen with 1280×720 pixels (HD) resolution with 16.7M colors. Touch is smooth and responsive and viewing angles are very good. There is LED indicator for notifications.

Does the screen come with some protection? Well we are not sure and it’s not mentioned, and hence to be on the safer side better use a screen guard. There are accelerometer, light and proximity sensors and like many other Micromax handsets the magnetic sensors are missing.

Micromax A117 review

Memory, Storage and OS
The Micromax Canvas Magnus comes with 1GB RAM of which 640MB is available and of the 4GB storage 1.61 is assigned as internal storage and 0.98GB as storage for apps. There is micro SD card slot – you can install / move apps to external storage.

This handset runs on Android 4.2.1. OTG is supported; I could connect my pendrive using an OTG cable. OTA updates are supported.

The A117 is upgraded A116 same stuff but with high MP camera and 1.5GHz MT6589T processor with PowerVR SGX 544 MP GPU. The GPU is more powerful than what we have seen on the A116 handset. The overall performance is pretty good and benchmark results are impressive.

Micromax A117 magnus

Benchmark Scores

  • Quadrant Standard – 4754
  • AnTuTu – 15925
  • Vellamo – HTML5 1612, Metal 494
  • Nenamark 2 – 52.8 fps
  • Multitouch : 10 points.

12MP Camera and Entertainment
There is front 2MP fixed focus camera and rear 12MP auto focus camera with LED flash. The still camera quality is very good. In fact even in low light conditions (check the street light sample image) the output is really good.

Micromax A117 camera

On the box it is mentioned that the handset can record in 720p resolution, however it can record in full HD resolution at 30fps. Do check the sample images and videos at the end of this review. You can play full HD videos with ease using MX player in S/W or H/W mode.

The handset no doubt is powerful and apps / games can be installed on external storage. I could not test some heavy games like Modern combat 4 (MC4) and Nova 3. I got an error with MC4, probably it could be an issue with the update – I usually copy the huge data and a small portion of the installation is then downloaded. I got this error on other devices that I recently reviewed; probably I will need to download the full data around 2GB.

Nova 3 also got an update and did not get time to download this game of about 2GB. In the gaming review video you will find the Asphalt 7, Dead Trigger is high graphics mode and the latest Dead Trigger 2. Game play is smooth though you might experience a little bit of lag, this could be because of the micro SD card (depending on card class).

The sound is loud, I could not test the incall sound and GPS. But that should be good enough. Wi-Fi signal seemed pretty strong and Bluetooth, 3G worked well. The handset does get heated up and especially when you are outdoor, under the sun, using the handset it will heat up much faster and temperature could reach up to 47 degrees.

The 2000 mAh battery should last for a day with moderate usage. I did test the battery while performing the benchmarks and while playing few games. I used the handset for 31 minutes running Benchmarks apps etc, battery dropped from 82% to 75% (7%). Played games for 19 minutes and battery dropped by 6%.

Micromax seems to have got the pricing right and are back on track. The A117 is better alternative to A116 and will soon replace it. It is also a good option (1.5GHz quad core) for under Rs. 15,000. Magnus A117 has got premium looks, its aluminium body and might become a hot selling smartphone just like Micromax A110 and A116.

Interestingly the Micromax A117 was silently launched along with Micromax Canvas Turbo A250 that got too much attention. But I think in the long run A117 will do better than the A250.

Check the Micromax Canvas Magnus A117 best price.

Micromax A117 image gallery

Sample images shot using the A117 handset

Micromax canvas Magnus A117 unboxing and review video

1080p video recording using A117

Dead Trigger, Dead Trigger 2 and Asphalt 7 on Magnus

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  1. ankush says

    Some user review say the camera quality isn’t that good indoor pics are grany is it true? pls let me know guys coz I’am planning 2 buy it. My preference is camera,hd gaming,good internet speed and good display. And how does the camera works at low light?

  2. Sumit Singhal says

    I’ve been using canvas magnus for last 6 months. The phone is working just fine. But the problem that I’m facing now is its memory. The memory available to install apps on the phone is just 0.98GB out of which the large section was exhausted by the pre installed Google Apps and their updates. Now I’m finding it very difficult to install new apps as it says insufficient memory. Is there a way to increase the memory? You have mentioned in your review that the apps can be installed on External SD card.. Is it so? How can I do that?

    • Pranjal says

      Dear, Sumit, same problem I was faced, my phones internal storage(apps) about 100 mb left, now when I install new apps or games in my phone a massage was displayed insufficient storage. But did you know some apps & games you did not moved in the external storage, it is install only in internal storage. In my point reset your phone in factory settings, then install mobogenic market and install your apps and games. But when you find any update of them, download the new version of this particular apps or games. After that uninstall the old apps or games and install new games or apps which you sea in Mobogenic folder in your sd card.

      • Sumit Singhal says

        Dear Pranja, bro! I personally don’t like mobogenie market but rest all things even I follow. But even then storage falls short even when I have just 1 game installed. Actually I’m a techie, so love to try out new apps. So storage should be higher. Why #Gogi not responding?

        • pranjal says

          Dear,Sumit. its my last suggestion to you, that . routing your phone and partition your internal apps storage 0.91gb to 2.5gb. its works. but your Internal sd card space will be droped to 100 to 200 mb. so you easly download and install your apps in internal apps storage.

  3. Shaik Rafi says

    Micromax service center people replaced my camera but still the images are not sharp. Do I need to adjust any settings?? Please let me know.

    When I zoom the picture captured, it was looking blurry.

    What are the best camera settings I can do.. Please suggest.

  4. Abhinav says


    I bought Magnus last November and everything seems to work fine until now.

    The phone is now not recognizing both SIMs simultaneously. First I thought it might be a hardware problem with the SIM slots but have made sure that both the slots are working fine and so are the SIM cards.

    I found out that the SIM 2 get activated only when I turn SIM 1 off in the SIM Management settings, otherwise there is no network recognition.

    I’ve also tried removing recently update apps etc but alas!

    Any ideas or anyone went through the same before?

    • Gogi RanaGogi Rana says

      Abhinav, did you try a factory reset, check if that works if not then it is some hardware issue you will need to visit the service centre.

      • Abhinav says

        I am now thinking of planning a Hard Reset, but I’m not sure.

        My phone went ghost once, started doing everything on its own, calls etc.
        Then I somehow uninstalled Rocket Player, which was the last installed app but was working fine until then & the problem was solved!

        There might be a similar issue but still trying to find out which app it is.

        The default ROM on the device has several bugs which doesn’t allow proper operation of many apps!

  5. kanika says

    Last November I brought this canvas magnus phone. Although it work fine for around 4-5 months but after that it started to hang very frequently. And also the sensitive buttons freeze to the point of irritation. Pls suggest me something. It’s gonna be my 5th visit at service centre within three months. This phone has endless problems.

  6. Monika says

    I am planning to buy A117 handset but I am looking for mainly 3g video calling functionality in phone. As per my knowledge most of the Samsung and Micromax phone provide that facility. Plz tell if this phone has video calling functionality in it.

    • Pranjal says

      Monika,yes canvas magnas is a 3g(Video calling) phone. but if you are looking only video calling facility on your phone then you should be go below 10k rupees smartphones(canvas 2,canvas entice,canvas unite 2 etc). why spend so much money.

  7. Akash says

    Hi, I’m thinking to purchase this phone but I’m confused. Android KitKat is on the way of MMX Canvas 2 Colours, so should I purchase that phone or Canvas Magnus?

  8. sandeep says

    So I got my magnus screen broken in surprise manner. Went to SP road to fix it.

    1. 4500 quote (inquired all over market and quoted this rate)
    2. This guy seems to be very smart, said I don’t have time and if you still want to get it done it will be charged 3850 and wait for 4 hours.
    3. Another shop quoted 2500 and final negotiation was on 2350.

    Took full amount and went away to get the spare, 30-35 minutes of wait and he return back with white panel instead of blue.

    He was quick to replace the touch panel + screen.

    First glance, I spend 10 mins inspecting my screen for pixel and touch issue.
    1. Screen seems to be more brighter
    2. Black color was lost in this local china screen (blur/gray color)
    3. Pixel density seems 100% same
    4. Touched worked absolutely fine, tested by playing hd games + multi touch feature.
    5. Screen had 2-3 dust drop but manageable.


    1. During testing i forgot to test the call quality and other working feature.
    2. My ambience sensor wasn’t working. call button used to stop the display backlight and it never used to get on.
    3. Went back to service guy and found him to be missing from his counter… luckily had his number mention on his counter and he arrived after 15-20 mins.
    4. Again opened the campy phone using blade.. phone now has brushes on edges.
    5. Another set of dust particle on display.
    6. Sensor was remove rather than fixing.
    7. Now my phone back-light works continuous.
    8. Phone appearance changed from blue to front white and back blue.

    • Srikanth says

      MMX guys asked my 6000 in service center.

      Same happened to me also, color changed from blue to white in front.

      Mic stopped working, can see glue on edges, dust on screen is easily visible, sometimes hangs.

      Again took the phone another guy and he told me some parts have been damaged by the guy who replaced broken glass and it is better to sell this phone.

      bye bye MIcromax, XIAOMI Redmi Note calling.

  9. SudhanshuSudhanshu says

    I request magnus users to check the issue that I have posted in my previous post are you facing the same problem?

    • Ankit says

      I bought magnus on 1 nov 2013. I faced a problem of sound fluctuation but its not a defect of speaker because I tested speaker in factory mode and got no issue. It must be music player’s dilemma with mp3 audio’s bitrate or frequency and no problem till then.

      • vijay saini says

        In my phone also same problem of sound fluctuation. Please guide me to clear the problem of sound.

  10. SudhanshuSudhanshu says

    Gogi sir I have noticed a new issue in my device, when my mobile in charging and I rub back of phone, I feel flow of current is it because of aluminum body is it normal..

  11. Bibek Manna says

    I am your big fan. I saw your review of Micromax Magnus and I bought it in June. Mobile is good but now a days my mobile hang when I open the lock. It is happening very frequently. Plz suggest me.

  12. amogh says

    Can I know the gps navigation performance on the magnus? how long does it take to get a gps lock? I had heard there were gps issues on the a116. Also the gps wasn’t tested in the review.

  13. aditya says

    I have owned magnus since November and its a awesome phone now my bro also wants a smartphone with same or at-par features as Micromax Magnus. So can you please suggest me any other phone with the same or near specifications under 15000..than a lot in advance ..

  14. Shaik Rafi says

    I recently bought the Micromax A117 and observed that the rear camera is too blurry and it’s look like a VGA camera. I ordered the mobile online. Could you please let me know how to fix these rear problems.

    • Gogi RanaGogi Rana says

      First make sure there is no film on the len, clean the lens and reset the camera (there will be option in the camera settings). If you are still getting blurry images then try factory rest, if they does not work then there is some defect, better ask for replacement.

      • Shaik Rafi says

        Thanks Gogi for your inputs. I cleaned the lens and done the factory reset but the rear camera still looks blurry. I will ask for the replacement as suggested.

  15. amit says

    Dear gogi ji i have purchased a117 after consulting u. I would like to know does this phone supports kitkat update. And if not then when it would be available. Help me.

  16. kirty says

    I bought mmx magnus a117 before 15 days . i am suffering with one different problem . when someone try to call me they appears “My mobile is currently switch off”, infact that time full network accessing my mobile and data connection working finely too…and whenever i restart my mobile,incoming call started properly as well…. This problem occurs every after 2 or 3 days to my mobile in this 15 days ..i missed many important phonecalls only cause of this problem. Is there ” restart mobile” is only one solution?? I am getting irrited by this. Can you please help me out from this problem? Please guide me. Thank you.

    • shubham says

      There is no problem with your phone the problem is probably with the android os every dual SIM android phone have the same problem so I ll suggest you to use your internet on your main sim card (which gets the calls) or use wi-fi that’s the only possible solution.

  17. SOPOON CHETIA says

    I am a regular visitor of your website. Plz kindly suggest which phone i must prefer Canvass magnus a117 or Canvass XL a119 in a Rs 15000 budget range.The question is for nice processor or big screen???? plz help,,,,,

  18. Bharath says

    Please help me on the below problems withrespect to Magnus A117
    1.Some times the display goes off when iam in a call and i had to power on the mobile again(faced this for a couple of time now)
    2. When the battery is low say something around 20%, unable to make calls as the mobile gets automatically swiched off when the call gets connected. :(


    • Gogi RanaGogi Rana says

      Hi backup the data and try a factory reset, then see if you face the same issue, if yes then visit the service centre. If you do not face the issue then its probably some app that might have gone awry.

  19. Rahul says

    Hey All magnus users ..please can you let me know from where you all download full (pa*d) games data ? Because I downloaded Gangster rio data & vice city data but all games are checking for license (I also again downloaded only few APKs of that games means some crack or different versions but no luck)
    pleaaaseee wanna save my bandwidth …If you could tell me ! :)

    • Rahul says

      Gogi , Plus sign is not appearing ,Don’t know why..!!
      Plus :- …don’t know about this post .

      Prvieous post There is plus sign in between ‘Games PLUS data’
      ‘Gangster Rio PLUS data’ etc.

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