So, finally, the beast is in my hands the ZTE NUBIA Z7 Max, exactly what I was looking for. I had ordered it with Aliexpress, selected one seller called Shenzhen Juchen Electronic Ltd.  Again so many questions in my mind, there were so many sellers, whom to choose, did bit of research, at last selected this seller who was willing to directly send it to India and they suggested for DHL for quick delivery. But on receipt of phone, I felt that this seller is the best in delivery, communication, proper service, good product delivery within time (At least for me).

I got correct updates on daily basis on my order. From the date of order, I received the phone within 7 days in my hand. But I paid bit extra as it was a pre-order. Actually the price announced by ZTE is 1999 Yuan which comes to around Rs. 20000. It got it for Rs 25000 (as it was in full demand and new) and DHL shipping extra.

The moment I received the package, it was re-packed by DHL (might be security check). With all luck, the original package of phone is very simple and neat.

When I open the box, I saw the phone and underneath found one more compartment where I found the charger, an adapter for AC outlet which suits our plug points. Also got a flip cover(good quality),screen guard, stylus as free gift for me. Though the stylus is not much use with this phone.

ZTE Nubia Z7 Max review

Now when it comes to phone features, the build quality is very, very good (ZTE maintained its promise on the day of launch about features against competition).

ZTE Nubia Z7 Max antutu benchmark

Screen : 1080p , 5.5 Inch. The feature I most liked there is Auto adjust screen display depend of your external lighting. Angles are very good. I am not sure whether it is protected by gorilla glass, but it seems to be sharp display as per my seller. But I feel it’s good enough and will protect against scratches.

I played some of videos, games. Display quality is very, very good.

An amazing processor at amazing price. The most powerful till date to my knowledge – Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad core, but you need not to get disappointed, Because its benchmarks are superior than current MediaTek octa core. Didn’t see any lag in performance..Superb one..
Here are the benchmarks scores

OS: Kitkat 4.4 out of box.
Antutu v5 : 42,993.

Memory RAM : 2 GB  ROM : 32 GB (23.86 GB Available)

SD Card : Available 64 GB cards are supported (Micro SD card)

User Interface – It is ZTE’s own proprietary UI. Nubia’s Own UI 2.5 ( very very good). Completely lag free.

This is best part in this phone. Back is 13mp + NeoVision 4.0 Front : 5 MP See samples attached. But I am not a good photographer, so don’t worry about quality of photos.

Attached as sample, they can still produce best picture quality. One of the biggest selling points for Nubia’s phones are the the many functions provided by NeoVision. It has three main modes, Auto mode, Pro mode, and Fun mode. It also has depth of field preview, and manual focus and many more. Panorama, Multishoot, Fast shoot, Quality  shoot, HDR mode (4k mode) available…

The Nubia Z7 Max 5MP front-facing camera with a F2.0 aperture, pretty impressive.

Video: The best again recording at 4K display. No lag when I shoot at 4k mode.

1080P mode also available. Have lot of options regarding to video. This beast can shoot better than many ultra HD high-end video cameras. No doubt about it. See the 4k sample..just 30 sec video took 350 MB of space…

Battery Performance
This is what I was looking for so many days… So this beast has 3100 mAh battery for 5.5 inch screen is optimal.Most outstanding feature is it has Fast Charging technology like One Plus One. Charging my phone ultra-fast. My phone charges more than 80% reached in just 20 min time, very similar to oppo kind of fast charging.

The cable however is a bit short. Its irremovable battery though. But I am not worried as many flagships are coming with non-removable battery.

Additional Features
It is dual SIM (2 micro SIM) 4G (4G:TDD-LTE B38/39/40/41, FDD LTE 1800(B3)/2100(B1)/2600(B7)MHz, 3G, 2G are supported.

NFC, yes you heard it true, this one has NFC feature ( I don’t know how many really use this feature), FM, Infrared Sensor ( Wow, yes, you can use this phone as remote control, but not yet tried).

Project screen : This is top notch feature available as for my concern. You can do the wi-fi display i.e you can directly display your phone videos and screen on your  TV through direct wi-fi.

Language Options: Spell checker,Android Keyboard, Text to speech output.

Screen division: You can see multiple screen side by side.. (wow very interesting)

Smart Sensing : This is used to control the phone operations with gesture control like flip, shape ( so many options not tried all), double click to light up, Plam. Screen lock, free screenshot, tri finger switch app etc.

Power Saving Mode: Optimum mode, Limit Mode, Alarm mode

Inbuilt Security App : You don’t need to have third party security software. Superb option. It will monitor the apps running background. Alert any malicious programs. My seller has rooted the device, so I have Google apps available 🙂 This is one is mainly Chinese version, but rooted to remove Chinese apps and services.

 Reviewed by Prasanth.

ZTE NUBIA Z7 Max image gallery

Sample images shot using the ZTE NUBIA Z7 Max handset

Sample 4K video shot using this handset

By Rajeev Rana

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