The Color M4 by ZOPO Mobiles is a quad core handset with 4G VoLTE support. In this ZOPO Color M4 review you will get to know how the handset performed and for the price of Rs. 4,999 is it really worth it.

ZOPO Color M4 unboxing

The box is compact and inside you will get the handset, user manual, warranty card, data cable, earphone, charger 5V / 1A and 1450 mAh removable battery. SAR Value : 0.473W/kg (head) 1.290/kg (body).

ZOPO Color M4 Design, Display and OS

This Color M4 handset is using plastic body, build and finishing is okay. The texture on the back looks great. Handset is comfortable to hold cause of the size, light weight at 115 grams but not that slim.

ZOPO Color M4 box pack

The back cover can be removed, there is normal SIM and micro SIM slot and a separate micro SD card slot. There is no LED notification and only 2 sensors – accelerometer and proximity.

ZOPO Color M4 dual SIM slots

Screen is 4 inches TFT with 800 x 480 pixels resolution, the quality is bad and so are the viewing angles.

ZOPOColor M4 screen

ZOPO Color M4 is running Marshmallow (6.0) out of the box.

Memory and Storage

There is 1GB RAM and 16GB storage.

ZOPO Color M4 performance

This handset is powered by MediaTek MT6737M quad core processor with Mali T720 GPU. Overall performance is no good, it lags occasionally. The handset does not feel that warm when  you hold it but the battery temperature goes up to 47 degrees, that is not good.

ZOPO Color M4 review

ZOPO Color M4 Benchmark

Quadrant : 8266
AnTuTu : 26400 / 1888
Nenamark 2 : 55.5 fps
Disk Speed :  129 MB/s read / 45 MB/s write
Multi Touch : 2 point

ZOPO Color M4 Gaming review

I played Asphalt and it was not at all smooth in very low visual quality mode, I guess you get an idea about how powerful this handset is.

ZOPO Color M4 Camera review

The rear camera is 5MP fixed focus and front camera is 2MP fixed focus. Camera quality is bad, handset can shoot 720p videos and quality is just about acceptable.

ZOPO Color M4 back panel

Camera Rating 2 out of 5

Rear and front camera sample

zopo color m4 hydrant zopo color m4 long shot zopo color m4 night shot zopo color m4 hand zopo color m4 selfie


Sound output is very low. No issues with network. Reliance Jio SIM worked without any issues.

ZOPO Color M4 buttons ZOPO Color M4 ports

ZOPO Color M4 Battery performance

The 1450 mAh battery can be removed. Battery life is less you can expect 3 to 4 hours of non-stop usage.

ZOPO Color M4 Battery Performance (time / battery % drop / estimated battery temperature)

  • Running Benchmark app – 11 minutes /5% /  42 degree
  • Asphalt 8 game play – 18 minutes / 10% / 47 degree
  • HD video play back – 26 minutes / 10% / 43 degree

It took me 2 hours to charge the handset from 0% to 100% using wall charger.

ZOPO Color M4 review verdict

Color M4 is disappointing, display is bad, camera is bad, performance is laggy and battery life is also not at all impressive.

Makes sense to invest extra and go for the Redmi 4A with VoLTE support.

M4 overall rating 2 out of 5

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