Zomato the Restaurant search / discovery giant suffered a security breach. The company has announced that their servers were hacked and about 17 million users records were compromised. Though the company assured that the password were encrypted and cannot be decrypted.

Zomato’s server has been hacked, the user data has been stolen, this includes the user name and their password, the password in hashed format (encrypted). Zomato has asked the Zomato users to reset their password as soon as possible.

The company also assured that the credit / debit / bank data has not been compromised, since these data are stored on a separate DSS (Data Security Standard) vault. Zomato is looking into this matter and enhancing security, they are also adding additional layer of authorisation for the working team at Zomato, so as to completely avoid data breach in physical form / from within.

Zomato hacked, suffered security breach

You can read more about the Zomato security breach on their official blog post.