The Zebronics Air Duo is another true wireless headset that is available in India. This one is slightly different from the other true wireless headsets that I have reviewed. Do check the Zebronics Air Duo review to know more and if it is worth the price.

Inside the box pack you will get pair of Bluetooth earbuds, user manual, carry pouch, warranty card, extra ear plug caps, dual micro USB to USB cable. The build and finishing is very good, the earbuds looks premium, comes with metallic finishing. There is a (textured) button and LED on each of the ear buds.

Though the Zebronics Air Duo is light weight 7grams (each ear bud), the buds are bulky, they look big, really big. However they fit comfortably well and you can easily use them for a longer period of time, well until the battery lasts.

Zebronics Air Duo review

Like the other true Bluetooth headsets this one also comes with primary ear bud i.e. the right ear bud connects with the left and the left ear bud is the primary ear bud that connects with the Bluetooth device be it the smartphone, tablet etc.

Zebronics Air Duo quality

Zebronics Air Duo specifications

Bluetooth version : 4.1
Weight : 7g x 2
Charging time : 2 Hours
Talk time / music time : 3.5 hours / 3 hours

Zebronics Air Duo performance


Now this Zebronics Air Duo is different from the other true Bluetooth headsets. This one does not come with charging case that almost all true Bluetooth headsets come with. So once you run out of battery juice you need to charge this with external charger, better if you have a power bank if you are traveling.

Good thing is that the USB cable has two USB to micro USB points and that makes it easier to charge both the earbuds simultaneously.

Sound quality

The sound quality is pretty good, bass is rich, feels good and the mid and low are well balanced, perfect settings that most Indians like.


A good option if you want to go true wireless. Advantage is, just no wires around. The Zebronics Air Duo unfortunately is bulky, though light weight and it does not come with dedicated charging case. And it is a bit pricey.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

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By Rajeev Rana

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