YU Yutopia to be launched on 17th December 2015

The most awaited next smartphone from YU Televentures that was supposed to be unveiled on 7th of December 2015, will now be launched on 17th December 2015. It is called the YU Yutopia. YU’s twitter account was quite active recently teasing about the next launch – Yutopia, while not clearly revealing the specs.

The specifications are still not official and much of it still remains a mystery. But what we can presume is that this could be a premium devices and since it is being called the real beast it could most likely be powered by snapdragon 810 processor.

The latest tweet about RAM could be an indication that the Yutopia may be packed with 4GB RAM. Yutopia has been in the news for quite some time and there was no clear cut information about when it will be launched.

Yu Yutopia launch on 7th December 2015

Well now the launch date have been changed from 7th – the YU Yutopia will be unveiled on 17th December 2015. Stay Tuned.



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