YU has confirmed that they are still in partnership with Cyanogen and in fact will be rolling out the next Cyanogen update by end of this month. The next Cyanogen version is currently being beta tested. YU had recently launched their existing smartphone running Pure Android, instead of Cyanogen. 

YU Yuphoria and YU Yureka are now available running pure Android version. YU has given this option (their handsets running optional Pure Android or Cyanogen) based on the user feedback they had received. Many users had requested for pure android experience, others were happy with Cyanogen.

YU and Cyanogen partnership is still intact and they will continue providing customized experience to their users. Those using YU smartphones running Cyanogen watch out for new updates that will be rolled out by end of October. That will be Cyanogen OS 12.1. You can check the details here.

YU smartphone running Pure Android

YU will be launching the Yutopia soon, a high end smartphone that probably will also be running optional Cyanogen OS or pure Android.

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  1. I bought a Yureka Plus in October from amazon.in with Android 4.4.4, will it be upgradeable to lollipop?

  2. Where it is mentioned(in the link shared of yu forum) that by this month end.. It only say coming soon. And we all know how good Yu is while keeping its commitment … Lets hope this time it will deliver soon .. May be by this year end!!

  3. Sir my friend has bought yuphoria last week, I want to ask that if my friend is not comfortable with cynogenmod then will YU or MICROMAX service centre flash it with stock ANDROID?

  4. If anyone interested in YU phones, better buy Vanilla Android Variant. No doubt Cynogen is highly customisable but YU DEV has proved that they are not capable of churning out Bug free patches/updates.

  5. thank god yu n cyanogen r still in relationship..otherwise yu will become micromax again:-) now waiting for CM12.1

  6. Isn’t it strange? What they have been doing is that anything like update or a new phone, they announce first and then launch after a month or so, but this stock os, they launched first and now announcing!!! Daal me kuchh kaala zaroor hai.

  7. My friend has install cyanogenmod 12.1. experience is good and no heating issue. Let hope for bug free os from cyanogen.