Amazon has rolled out “Sell as Individual” a new service that lets you sell your used products on This service as of now is available for Bangalore users only. There is a minimal charge for the service.

How to Sell as Individual on

If you have a used product, you can sell it on Amazon. This is a paid service but the cost is quite affordable and attractive. You can get started in 2 minutes, sell locally in your city and Amazon will pick up the product from your end, pack it up and then delivery to the buyer.

To start with you need to list the product, price, details with images. There is no need for buyer / seller interaction – meeting, calls / SMS’s etc. When buyer orders the product, Amazon will schedule an appointment with you and pickup the product from your doorstep.

Amazon Sell as Individual - lets you sell your used products

Amazon will then pack the product and deliver the product to the buyer. In case the buyer returns the product, Amazon will deliver it back to you in 2 to 4 days for no extra cost. You will receive money in 3 to 5 days (deposited in your bank account).

Sell as Individual – how much does it cost?

Amazon will charge Rs. 10 for every item with value under Rs. 1000, Rs. 50 for value between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000 and Rs. 100 for product value over Rs. 5000.

Visit Amazon for more details. This service is only available in Bangalore for now.

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  1. But what is the guarantee that its not stolen phone? My Redmi Note 3 was theft last month and I heard that those are sold on olx, quikr and now amazon also.

    1. Stolen phones are sold direct person to person. Here at Amazon the person from amazon will come and pick up from your address, rest you will understand if you have little IQ.

  2. This means we have to be more cautious while ordering via Amazon. Is this hint for Amazon acquiring or collaborating with olx?

  3. Very good post gogi bro, this is really helpful doorstep pick up packing and delivery. Looking forward to see this feature available in my city (Kolkata).

    1. Why lol? It’s much better than olx. 50 ya 100 rupe bachane k liye olx pe dimag ki dahi kar dete hain log.

    2. olx p b chrg lgta h bhai orrr itnaa hi lgta h include calling chrgs traveling fares, but the only con with amazon is fake buyers can put seller in trouble by returning the product without any reasonable reason.