Before the Big Shopping Days, Flipkart started revealing their offers and one such offer i.e. the OnePlus 3 for Rs. 1_999 got attention from none other than Carl Pei (Co Founder – OnePlus). He tweeted asking Sachin Bansal of Flipkart what’s this? we are amazon exclusive.

OnePlus also issues a press statement that we received few minutes back that stats : OnePlus is in exclusive partnership with Amazon in India. OnePlus advice customers to buy the product from official channels as they cannot guarantee the authenticity of products sold elsewhere.

This clearly means that the offer on Flipkart seems like a fake one just to attract users or create hype. Carl Pei further went on to tweet, in reply to a users query saying “We only work with Amazon, may be it’s second hand?”.

As far the exciting and surprising OnePlus 3 offer is concerned on the Flipkart big shopping days, it makes sense not to take that too seriously.

OnePlus is exclusive with Amazon, Carl Pei tweets, Flipkart OnePlus 3 sale probably is second hand