As you all know Flipkart Big Shopping Days will begin from 18th of December and will run until 21st December. Flipkart has already started revealing some exiting offers like the OnePlus 3 for Rs. 1_,999, i.e. under Rs. 20,000.

OnePlus has launched the OnePlus 3T handset that is set to replace the OnePlus 3. There is hardly any difference when you look at the price. New customers will mostly prefer the OP3T instead. With Flipkart offering the OnePlus 3 for Rs. 1_,999, this probably could also mean that OnePlus is clearing the OP3 stocks.

But anyway it is excellent news for those looking to buy a perfect smartphone. Though the OP3 exact price is not revealed even if you get it for Rs. 19,999 it is still worth it. Not sure how many units of OnePlus 3 will be made available; it definitely will be limited stocks.

OnePlus 3 for Rs. 1_999

During the Flipkart Big Shopping Days you will also find big discounts on other smartphones. In case you are planning to buy a new handset, wait and watch out for offers / discounts on the Big Shopping Days from 18th this month.

Check OnePlus 3 on Flipkart.