XOLO mobiles next handset the XOLO Q1000 Opus will be powered by Broadcom Processor. The Opus is a quad core handset with 5 inch HD screen. The pricing details are not known however the handset is expected to hit the stores by end of November 2013.

Intel, MediaTek and now Broadcom powered, XOLO mobiles have tied up with Broadcom and their latest handset will be available by end of November 2013. The XOLO Q1000 Opus is powered by 1.2GHz quad core cortex A7 BCM23550 (Java) chipset.  This chipset supports HSPA+ as well as 5G Wi-Fi that is much faster and more power efficient.

The 5 inch screen with 720p resolution is with dual HD support i.e. you can connect to external HD devices (HDTV etc) using Wi-Fi Miracast capable display and watch content on both the screens. The VideoCore IV GPU will enhance the gaming experience. The GPS module will support GLONASS for better indoor as well as outdoor location. This is all that we know for now.

XOLO Q1000 Opus smartphone with quad core Broadcom Processor

Some other features that you can expect is dual MIC, full HD video recording, probably NFC support and better battery life. We will have to wait for the official specifications once it gets listed on their website. It is just a matter of few days.

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  1. sir , i like your comment …last year i had taken kabonn a11 after listening to your comment …i was very satisfied …thanks for review ….
    now again planning to buy should i buy xolo Q1000 opus or Q800 or lenovo in buget of 10000/-
    i had purchased intex aqua i4 this diwali for my relative but its sound quality is worst …please suggest me..as soon as possible

  2. To Gogi and other readers,

    I heard that Xolo has started new services centers (Not clubbed with Lava) and this so called new centers with Door-To-Door offering it has changed a lot.

    could Gogi or any of you comment on this as it will help potential buyers like me, whether to go for this brand or not.

    Thanks in advance, please do share your new experiences if any.

    1. Yes
      In my city, Ahmedabad, a Service & Care Center opened.
      And I am using Xolo Q700, till date no probs…Enjoy

      1. Thanks Hasmukh, Appreciate your reply.

        Guys please share your experiences!!! I mean the new service

    1. and it will have fwvga screen not hd (see gfxbench site)
      i think there are 2 devices with broadcom this chip named q1000 opus and q1000B.
      there is new xolo q700s with 1.3ghz processor and fwvga screen.(as mentioned on gfxbench)

  3. gogi sir off topic but can you help need a dual sim huge screen tab or phone 6 inch minimum with good specs budget upto 25000 pl. help if you can brands preferred

  4. Now this is what you call an aggressive move by Xolo. First Company to bring Intel Powered smartphone and now First Company to bring Broadcomm Processor Smartphones. Keep Rocking Xolo….

    1. Samsung Galaxy S-II Plus also have Broadcomm Processors & Broadcomm VideoCore-IV GPU…

      But it has 2-Cores of 1.2GHz each now in Xolo comes with 4-Cores of 1.2GHz each…

      In end of this month this device will in Market…

  5. Gr8 to see this types of phones from indian co. and a things like micracast glonass which mtk is not able to provide In these years i think it will b a tough competition to mediatek

  6. Wow That’s cool… by the way @Prashant 5G is something related to WiFi. It’s nothing to do with 3G or 4G networks. So it ain’t a mistake or typo.

  7. Hey guys. Can amyone suggest me a good quality headphones for tablets, especially for movie watching purpose. I have Amazon Kindle HD 8.9. Got nothing with it, not even charger lol. The difficulty is that no one gets ready to provide demo of headphone quality so..please suggest if anyone could. Gogi? My budget is around 2k-3k.

    1. Hi,
      First of all for headphone your budget is too high (2k-3k).

      BTW its your choice…!!!

      as per my suggestion go for JBL (by HARMAN)
      Go for JBL J22(Apprx.1600/-) or JBL J33 (Apprx.2100/-) or J22i….

      which is easily available on snapdeal, flipkart, ebay, & tradus too….


  8. Xolo….it is perfect company …to launch poor quality product …i recently bought there q1000s…which went deAD after few weeks..already had heating issues , battery issue …have reported issue to there Call centre …informed it would take upto 15 days and service centre would fix it earlier….no service centre in my city pune…hence approached there service centre in mumbai….a place were all heated argumented would take place in world…believe me u would never like to visit such place again….for now phone is with them…and have promiosed to get it fixed in next 15 days…which i explained …really can’t afford…but it all went on deaf ears….

    1. 5G WiFi is not a cellular data standard bro.Refers to 1gb/ps capable WiFi connection antenna/routers/radio as the case maybe

  9. Other indian horses, learn from XOLO. Tie ups are very important . Depending on Mediatek is a thing of past.

  10. xolo almost used all chipsets,intel,nvidia,mediatek,qualcomm and now broadcomm….keep going xolo!what they need to rule indian mobile markey is their aftersale services…