Xiaomi’s first launch of 2018, on 14th Feb, could launch Redmi 5

This valentine’s day Xiaomi will be launching a new product probably Redmi 5, this will also be Xiaomi’s first official launch of 2018 in India. The company has already sent out invites for the event. A good number of launches happening in India, this February, stay tuned.

Though we still do not know what will be launched, the numeric 5 in the invite image clearly points out that the company may launch Redmi 5 or Redmi Note 5. We have already done the review of Redmi 5 Plus you can check that.

Also since the company is giving emphasis of 5 without the word Note, point to be noted, very high chance that they might launch the Redmi 5 / Redmi 5 Plus in India.  Manu Kumar Jain also just tweeted that 5 is coming, unleashing this Valentine’s Day.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 launch

All we can do for now is wait and see what the brand will launch on 14th February 2018.

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