Xiaomi is all set to launch the next version of their most innovative product, the Mix series. Xiaomi will launch the Mi Mix 2 on 11th September. So far the Mi Mix series handset have not been officially made available in India, and chances of Mi Mix 2 launch in India also looks pretty slim.

There is no official confirmation about the Mi Mix 2 specifications but as per rumors it will come with a 6.4 inch screen stretched right up to the top, with the front camera moved at the bottom, plus it will be using Snapdragon 835 octa core processor, there will be a 13MP camera on the front and a 19MP camera on the back.

As far as the battery is concerned it will be a 4500 mAh non-removable. Expected 4GB/6GB/8GB RAM with 64GB/128GB/256GB storage options. The Mi Mix 2 will also come with host of new features, we will know about that when the device is officially launched.

Mi Mix was a really popular handset, completely different and unique. In fact many Chinese brand started creating the Mi Mix clone and they have been doing really well. The Bezel less screen and the screen taking up the whole front panel / wide screen / 18:9 aspect ratio is catching users attention.

Mi Mix 2 launch date - 11th September 2017

We might see a lot such phones launching within the next 6 to 12 months.

If you love the Mi Mix concept – then watch out for the Mi Mix 2 unveiling on 11th September 2017, hope we get to hear something about the Mi Mix 2 tomorrow at the Xiaomi dual camera launch event.