Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2i with 20000 mAh and 10000 mAh capacity

Xiaomi’s power banks are quite popular and now the company has launched a new variant the 2i. The Mi Power Bank 2i comes with 10000 mAh capacity and with 20000 mAh capacity and price starts from Rs. 799.

10000 Mi Power Bank 2i

This power bank is 14.2 mm thick. This one is packed with a 10000 mAh battery and comes with a micro USB port for input and a USB A port for output. Max input is 15W and max output is 15W. This power bank can fast charge fast charge supported devices.

If you use a 18W charger then the 10000 Mi Power Bank 2i can get fully charged in 4.2 hours. With a 10W charger it takes 6.2 hours. This 10000 mAh power bank price is Rs. 799.

Mi Power Bank 2i 10000 mAh and 20000 mAh

20000 Mi Power Bank 2i

This power bank is 23.9mm thick and packed with a 20000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery. There is 2x USB port and a micro USB port for charging. Max input is 9V/2A and max output is 12V/1.5A. WIth a 9V/2A charger this 20000 Mi Power Bank 2i will take about 6.7 hours and with 5V/2A it tales 10 hours to charge.

20000 Mi Power Bank 2i price is Rs. 1,499.


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