Xiaomi has been rolling out updates on the Mi 4i ever since it was launched. Some users reported heating issues and these subsequent updates were rolled out to fix those issues. The latest version is MIUI

When I started working on the Mi 4i review there was already a big update available and before starting the review I updated the handset. I did not encounter much of the heating issues as experienced by others, probably they were using heavy apps in performance mode. Also if any user had used the benchmark apps they would have got a popup asking to switch to performance mode, and if the user had used performance mode with benchmark app, that becomes the default. It is important to switch back to balanced mode manually after you have used the benchmark apps.

The update optimizes the temperature controlling parameters. It also fixes speaker issues when volume set to low. Along with some other fixes the camera app has also been optimized – fixed shutter speed and fixed issues when using camera app after using 3rd party camera app.

Xiaomi Mi-4i MIUI update

I have updated it, so far no issues, battery backup seem to have improved a bit, will get a better idea within few days.

They seem to have lowered the CPU clock speed, I tried Antutu benchmark in performance mode and I got 35252 score. Users will also get notification – Battery usage warranty when performance mode is on, so they can tap and switch to balanced mode.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in