Opera Software has upgraded the Opera Mini browser; they have started rolling out the latest version the Opera Mini 8 that can be used on phones, BlackBerry and Java compatible phones. The new version can be downloaded from their official website.

Opera Mini browser is still used not only on low end handsets but even on high end smartphones. The Opera browser is fast and most importantly it saves a lot of data. The Opera Mini 8 is an improved version that does allow users to monitor their data (Saving Mode) and even allows them to adjust it – users can set the image quality, if the image quality is set to low less amount of data will be downloaded.

Other improvements are of course better speed dial and 3 new features that have been incorporated. The 3 new features are Private mode, Saving Mode that was already mentioned before and the Night mode.

The Night mode actually dims the screen / will use darker colors for improved readability. The Private mode lets the user open a private tab that will not save any of the data (history / links / cache etc.) for that particular session.

Opera Mini 8 launched

So go ahead and try out the new Opera Mini 8 browser.

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in