Xiaomi in collaboration with Microsoft released the Windows 10 ROM for the Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone. Well that’s good news and bad news – good news is that this ROM is made for Mi 4 with 4G LTE support only and the bad news is that the Mi 4 handset launched in India are 3G enabled.

Do note that the Windows 10 Mobile ROM is specially made to work with the Mi 4 4G LTE version and not the Mi 4 3G version that is currently available in India. Xiaomi Mi official forum has a post on this latest non-android ROM and it is clearly mentioned that the Windows 10 is for Mi 4 LTE version only.

From the same page users can also download the ROM that is around 952MB. Also note that there could be issues though the Windows 10 on Mi 4 has been tested but you may still encounter unpredictable bugs, so be aware of this before updating.

Xiaomi Mi 4 windows 10 ROM

Indian users using Mi 4 (with 3G support) stay away – this ROM is only for LTE version.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in