Xiaomi in collaboration with Microsoft released the Windows 10 ROM for the Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone. Well that’s good news and bad news – good news is that this ROM is made for Mi 4 with 4G LTE support only and the bad news is that the Mi 4 handset launched in India are 3G enabled.

Do note that the Windows 10 Mobile ROM is specially made to work with the Mi 4 4G LTE version and not the Mi 4 3G version that is currently available in India. Xiaomi Mi official forum has a post on this latest non-android ROM and it is clearly mentioned that the Windows 10 is for Mi 4 LTE version only.

From the same page users can also download the ROM that is around 952MB. Also note that there could be issues though the Windows 10 on Mi 4 has been tested but you may still encounter unpredictable bugs, so be aware of this before updating.

Xiaomi Mi 4 windows 10 ROM

Indian users using Mi 4 (with 3G support) stay away – this ROM is only for LTE version.

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  1. Is that true Windows os is lighter and run smoother than android in same hardware, if its true that will be a great update.

    1. Yes its true windows phone is lighter and run smoother in same hardware because windows phone does not comes with many options and settings and customization like android. And miui have even more that makes miui heavier so it depends on user you want more features or you are ok with less features.

  2. I am already using the same version of Windows 10 released on Xiaomi on my Lumia which i installed via the Insider program. If there is no bug with drivers.. it will work fine. You will notice very few other s/w bugs.

    I’ve had issues just couple of times only till now.

    Windows 10 on MI4 should work much smoother than the MIUI android version

  3. Is their any info about win10 build for any devices which selling in India currently, like mi4i redmi2 mipad any device.

  4. Hi Gogi… I saw in all your reviews that you are very much fan of xiaomi company.. I was also.. But they dont launch good handsets in India………. Not even Mi4 (4G Version ) and mi4I ( not 32 GB version ). They always give offers on 16Gb model.. They are dumping thier stock in india which was rejected by china… I want to know why they never launch new products in india.. While xiaomi company Hugo always say i see very big market in India…..

    1. You are right bro they dump rejected stock in India and making fools … No response after sales….

      1. Due to patent issues they cannot sell in India.. Infact i feel they are going for the WIndows version so that they can release the mobile in other parts of the World like US and Europe

    2. Yes, I agree with you regarding Xiaomi India. But you are wrong with Gogiji. No partiality with Gogiji’s reviews and news. Good and genuine reviewer. Keep it up Gogiji!.

    1. That was a good one.. but dont worry they will soon release a ROM for the non 4G version also else the folks at XDA will do it