Xiaomi had last launched the Redmi Note 7 series i.e. the Redmi Note 7 and the Redmi Note 7 Pro and now the company is gearing up to launch a new handset the Redmi Y3 as it looks like as per the tweet by Xiaomi.

Manu Jain in a tweet mentioned that he got hands on the upcoming Redmi Phone, the Redmi word clearly mentioned, and he shared 32 pictures on twitter, that too selfie, clearly indicating that the product is a Redmi Y3 Smartphone with a 32 MP selfie camera.

We will have to wait for the official confirmation though. But for sure the tweet, 32 selfie pictures and hashtag YYY refers to Redmi Y3 that will be launched soon in India, how soon? No idea yet. Stay tuned.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in