Windows 8 pro is now officially available for Rs. 1,999 for a limited period only. To avail this offer user should already own a licensed version of Window XP SP3, Vista or Windows 7. Offer is valid from October 26 to Jan 31 2013.

Still stuck with Windows XP, well here is your chance to upgrade to the latest version for approx Rs. 2,000. But before you jump with excitement remember that you need to download the windows 8 package which also means that you need a broadband connection. And not to forget your PC should meet the minimum windows 8 system requirements.

You can first download and install the Windows 8 update assistant software on your PC which will check if the hardware is compatible with the latest Windows 8 OS version. If your PC is compatible you can purchase the licence version for Rs. 1,999 and can continue the upgraded processor or leave it for some other day.

Windows 8 pro download India

You need a good broadband connection. In case you do not have a stable connection you can opt for the OS on a DVD disk, it will cost you Rs. 3,800. If you have recently bought a PC with windows 7 after June 2 you can upgrade for a nominal amount of Rs. 699.

Check here to download the Windows 8 pro for Rs. 1,999.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -