Windows 10 update being rolled out, have you updated?

Microsoft has started rolling out Windows updates a few days back, I have a Desktop and a Laptop running Windows 8.1. Today I got the update notification for Windows 10 on my Desktop. It took about 30 minutes for the whole update process without any issues. 

The Windows 10 pro is a free upgrade available only if you have a licensed version of Windows 7 and over. The installation time will depend on your net connection too. It is an automated process you will need to setup few things once the Windows 10 is up and running (or simply select express settings).

The first thing that you will notice is the start button with the same functionality as seen on older version along with the tile interface within the start menu (check image below). The screen area is well used with minimalistic looks and feature at just about the right place.

windows 10 start menu with live tile

Next to the start button there is a search button that lets you search web or within windows. In older version you would bring the mouse on the right side and options including the search would fly-in on the right screen from the left side – well that is now removed in Windows 10 instead the search is next to the windows start button (logo) and for everything else you tap or click the start icon.

windows 10 version

There is all app option in the start menu – you can browse through the apps installed on your system in alphabetical / recently added order.

I guess Cortana is not supported as for now (for Indian users).

windows 10 Cortana (India) not available

The Windows 10 has got a fresh new look in almost every area right from the boot up to the desktop screen.

There is a new browser called the Microsoft edge. It looks great, its simple, works faster – as good a Firefox and there is web note option wherein you can use pen, highlighter, eraser, add notes and clip area of the webpage and then save / share it with other users.

Windows 10 Microsoft Edge browser

Do Note : The update is gradually being rolled out, it could take some days before you receive the update notification. I got it on my desktop and have updated, still waiting for the notification on my Laptop.

Overall the Windows 10 looks really great, update it and leave your feedback below.


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