WhasApp has started rolling out WhatsApp Payments to users in phased manner which means that the feature will be rolled out slowly, some may get it soon and for some they will need to wait. WhatsApp Payments as of now supports over 70 banks in India.

You will now be able to send money from WhatsApp via WhatsApp Payments, for now 70+ banks are supported, including Airtel Payments and PayTM. Now for this service to work both the sender and receiver should have WhatsApp and WhatsApp payment option enabled.

How to make payments via WhatsApp / How to use WhatsApp to make payments

The process is simple, all you need to do is go to settings and if you see the Payments option there then good news the feature is activated on your account, if not then you will have to wait for some time probably few days / weeks.

If you see the Payments option then setup WhatsApp Payments – you need to verify your number, then add your bank account – there are 70+ banks you can choose from. You also need a UPI account and you need to verify that.

It is important use the same mobile number that is registered with your bank account. If need be you can change the number with your bank. Once this process is done you need to select the contact you want to send money to – the receiver should also be using WhatsApp and the WhatsApp payment should be enabled.

Select the contact and then the bank account you want money to be debited, then enter UPI Pin and that’s it the contact’s bank account will get the credit. All the transactions you made can be viewed and if any issue the transaction ID can be used to raise complains.

If you have received the update / do you see the Payments option in WhatsApp settings  or if you have used this WhatsApp Payments Service then let us know in the comments section below.