No other App has done wonder’s which whatsapp has done, whatsup has shaken up 21 st century. We are so use to it; hardly do we remember its introduction in our lives. WhatsApp facilitate one with fast, simple, secure messaging facilities and free calling absolutely free
nationally & internationally, it’s a revolutionary concept and has made everyone’s life very easy if used constructively. Newer and newer features have been added in endeavor to improvise the App.

It is rumored that a whatsApp user might be able to mark the chat to disappear in certain time. Recently Whatsup have upgraded features of fingerprint unlock for Android Beta users, now it’s rumored that that what app might be on verge of introducing another feature of that will make chats automatically disappear if they are indicated eligible to disappear. The criteria of eligibility will be the user has to mark the chats as “disappeared” under options of disappearing message.

Whatsapp blocked in China

This option would be mostly added up under Group setting category; there is a speculation that its application will only be in case of private chats. Reports have emphasized that the feature might come only in special cases, the feature is in baby stage of development. There is supposition of introducing it along with Android 2.19.275 as new upgraded version.

This feature will display something like: Disappearing Messages expiration time off 5 seconds, 1 hour. User has to choose time after which the selected chat will disappear, with the completion of selected span the chat will automatically disappear and once removed, chat cannot be traced back.

In my Knowledge its very useful feature, it will help in retaining only desired chats deleting the rest. Also it can behave as a substitute to the clear chat option.