WD (Western Digital) has rolled out the My Cloud OS 3 operating system for the WD My Cloud personal storage devices. They also launched a new version of My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 personal cloud storage that performs faster than its predecessors.

The new My Cloud OS is redesigned, packed with rich user content sharing, sync and backup capabilities. The OS also comes with enhanced privacy and control. MyCloud.com works with My Cloud OS 3 – You can use browser based UI to to access the content from the cloud storage. My Cloud Device SDK and API (also supported) will help developers create new extensions; add new features etc within the cloud ecosystem.

Users using the My Cloud Personal storage devices will be able to download and upgrade to My Cloud OS 3 by end of this month – it will be a free OS upgrade.

My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 personal cloud storage

WD also launched the My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 personal cloud storage (image above) that comes in optional 4TB, 6TB, 8TB and 12TB variants. Gen 2 makes use of two drives using RAID 1 mode i.e. the content from the primary drive is mirrored on the secondary drive almost instantly. Gen 2 houses an improved processor and 512MB RAM for better application support + faster file transfers.

The Mirror Gen 2 will be available from November for ₹23,500 for 4TB, ₹30,000 for 6TB, ₹37,500 for 8TB and ₹55,000 for 12TB.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in