The WorldPenScan X is portable Bluetooth scanner that works in a different way. This device can easily scan text from documents and convert it into editable formats. But the most exciting part is that the scanner can recognize many languages.

Inside the box you will find the WorldPenScan X scanner, installation CD, data cable, user guide, warranty card and other product information booklet.

This portable scanner has got a plastic body, built quality is good. It’s glossy white colour and comes with a cap that covers the scanner when not in use. Just above the scanner there is a grey colour rubber layer that helps get a good grip while scanning.

The scanner and the roller are on one end and there is the micro USB port to charge this device on the other end. You will also find this special button just above the LED indicator (check image). This device comes with built in battery that can be fully charged in less than 2 hours. You can use this device continuously for almost 2 hours.

WorldPenScan X box pack

Usage / Performance
This Pen scanner works with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows platforms. Use the software CD and install the program on your desktop. With WorldPenScan X you will be able to scan text matter directly into Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Email and browsers.

WorldPenScan X review portable pen scanner

I tried it with the Android app. You can scan the QR code mentioned in the user guide. Install the app and pair the device with the pen – this pen makes use of Bluetooth 4.0. The process is pretty simple. Once connected the LED will blink (blue colour) putting the pen in standby mode.

To scan all you need to do is start the app, place the scanner, put the arrow before the character to scan, press the pen lightly and when you see the green LED lighting up drag the pen sideways (left to right) to scan the line. The roller will make it easier, you just need to keep the arrow in line.

WorldPenScan X scan in action

The special button on the scanner can be used to insert a line feed – check video review at the end of this article to see it in action.

Word / Sentence Scan
This pen scanner can scan a particular word or a sentence or the whole document (it will take time scanning every line). This pen can recognize many languages – English, French, Japanese, Italian, Korean, German, Simplified / Traditional Chinese / Hong King, Arabic, Vietnamese. This pen can also recognize bank fonts and barcodes.

The best use of this portable scanner is for translation. Scan the sentence and immediately get it translated into the language you understand. What’s more the app also gives you an option to read the word / sentence /paragraph.

This pen scanner can detect handwriting, but to a very limited extent, i.e. your handwriting should be as good as the typed text.

The WorldPenScan X is a wonderful device for those who travel a lot to different countries with different languages. With this pen you can easily scan and translate typed text matter.

This device is definitely not meant for scanning full page documents. But it does help convert words / sentences / paragraphs into editable formats.

WorldPenScan X is priced at $149.

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By Rajeev Rana

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