Wickedleak’s Wammy Titan 3 handset is powered by MediaTek quad core turbo processor that runs on Android 4.2 with 1GB RAM and 16GB storage. The key feature is the 5.7 inch FHD screen and battery of 3200 mAh capacity. This handset is priced at Rs. 16,990 (Rs. 17289 with shipping) and comes with free flip cover.

Box pack
Inside you will find the handset, a free flip cover, data cable, power adapter, earphone and battery of 3200 mAh capacity.

Design and Display
The handset no doubt is a Samsung Galaxy note 3 clone. The back panel is made of plastic with textures and has that threading style along the edges. The sides are multi line sliver colored just like as seen on the note 3.

The front panel is white coloured and also got a texture on it. The volume rockers are placed on the left, power button on the right, 3.5mm audio jack on the top and micro USB port on the bottom. The Wammy Titan 3 weighs about 171 grams with battery, it is 8.18mm thick, breadth is 81.32mm and length is over 155mm.

The free flip cover is made of faux leather and feels better than the plastic back cover. Part of the front side of the flip cover is transparent and when flip closed you can view the date on the screen without opening the flip. When you flip open the handset will automatically unlock. Check the video review.

The IPS LCD screen is 5.7 inches with resolution 1920×1080 pixels (FHD). Touch is smooth and responsive, viewing angles are good. This is a dual SIM handset. You need a normal SIM and a micro SIM.

Wammy titan 3 box pack

Memory, storage and OS
It runs on Android 4.2 with 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage with micro SD card support. 4.13GB is assigned for apps and 9.37GB as phone (internal) storage. There is micro SD support but you cannot install apps on external storage. OTG is supported.

Wammy Titan 3 is with MediaTek MT6589T quad core clocked at 1.5GHz with PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU. The benchmark scores are good however because of the 5.7 inch FHD screen the fps is low and gaming experience is not that good.

Wammy titan 3 unboxing

Benchmark scores

  • Quadrant Standard – 4734.
  • AnTuTu – 15097.
  • Vellamo – HTML5 1572, Metal 561.
  • Nenamark 2 – 34.0 fps
  • Multi touch : 5 points.

Wammy titan 3 review

Gaming and Entertainment
The fps is low and if you check the gaming video the modern combat 4 game play is not at all smooth. There are too many frame drops. The Asphalt 8 in fact was playable and if you change the graphics details to medium it gets even better.

The handset can play full HD videos with ease.

There is 13MP rear AF camera with flash and front camera of 5MP resolution. The front camera quality is okay, and doesn’t exactly look like a 5MP camera. The rear camera quality and the video shoot were pretty good. You can check the sample images and videos at the end of this review.

13MP AF camera on Wammy titan 3

Sound is loud and clear. The handset does come with air shuffle app just like the one as seen on the Lava Iris 504q handset. It makes use of proximity sensor to move to the next item – it can be used with image gallery, music app, camera and launcher applications.

The Titan 3 comes with 3200 mAh battery which is needed for a bigger screen of 5.7 inches. When playing games for around 13 minutes the battery level dropped by 8% and max temperature was 39 degree. I ran the benchmark apps for around 25 minutes and the battery dropped by 11 percent, max temp was 38 degree.

3200 mAh battery on Wammy titan 3

The Wammy Titan 3 is available for Rs. 16,990 (shipping extra). The key attraction is the note 3 looks, 5.7 inch FHD resolution, 3200 mAh battery and good quality flip cover. If you are a hardcore gamer, avoid this handset. For low to moderate users it is a good option, however if you can, do wait for the octa cores that will hit the stores in 2014.

I think the price should have been a little lower as most users will not be comfortable spending approx Rs. 17,200 on the WickedLeak brand.

Image Gallery

Sample Images

Wammy Titan 3 unboxing and review video

1080p video sample shot using the Titan 3 handset

Gaming review

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  1. Dear Gogi sir,

    I am a huge fan of urs I was checking an unboxing review at Tech Junction which clearly mentions that the adapter is not Indian type, is that the case ???

  2. Hey i m thinking to take this phone but it has service centers in vadodara,Gujarat please tell bcuse i m confused in xolo q2000, mmx magnus, and this phone please reply.

  3. Dear Wickedleak Team
    Once again I have been asking same question, please let the customers know whether this phone with 2GB RAM will be available or not. If yes, then likely date of release.
    Please do reply

  4. Wammy Titan 3 may be called a clone or a Samsung Note 3 look alike but the after sales service of wickedleaks is far better, faster and seamless than the Samsung corporate pretenders.

    I had Samsung Note 1 and then moved to Samsung tab 10.1 . I always had great problem with the service.

    The device does look niche and suave and by no way has a cheap finish and exclaimed by many in their reviews.

    Just let 4 weeks pass off and al the smartphones look the same.

    Great phone Greater Experience Greatest Price Advantage

  5. I have purchased the phone recently, there is no sign / icon for front camera in the phone when opens camera in the phone ! can you help me how can I use front camera in Wammy Titan 3 ?

    1. Dear Sir,
      Please note that there is the switching camera option in the camera app of titan 3 on the right side as seen in the review above. if you have any other queries please contact us on email or please call our customer care on 65666511.

  6. Why these brands copy others!!
    Instead they should try reducing the bezels on around the screen.
    Gogi, suggest a good gaming phone under 20K. plz

  7. Hi Gogiji,

    For a person not interested in very high graphics games, is this phone really an advisable option ? Because, in your review you mentioned that while playing such games only for 8 minutes, battery dropped by 10-11%. Its shocking for a 3200 maH battery phone. But, in case of normal use, can you tell me, what is the battery life?

  8. Dear Wickedleak Team
    Please let the customers know whether this phone with 2GB RAM will be available or not. If yes likely date of release.

  9. I think the price should have been a little lower as most users will not be comfortable spending approx Rs. 17,200 on the WickedLeak brand.

    I liked the above by Gogiji. Seriously wickedleak sells junk. The material used for the phones are cheap quality. I recently saw this phones review in every big news sites like Yahoo india, NDTV, Times of India etc etc and was shocked for the reason that these people also know this company. But come on.. be mature and be a quality brand…do not make stupid of the customers. Expand your brand with quality products not some local chinese dump junks.

  10. wickedleak should have been instead selling the 2gb ram and 32 gb rom version at 17k for good performance.

  11. Gogi don’t recommend dis type of cheap Chinese brands there is no service after sales this is really very weird brand

  12. Hi Gogi,

    As shown in the box pack, is 2GB RAM/32GB ROM option also available ??
    And is there any option to change the fonts, like in Samsung phones ??

  13. Does the back cover or flip cover of original note 3 fits to this????
    Is it a exact copy???
    Can u confirm???

  14. Hi gogi, two surprises here! On the one hand, I expected to hear you complain about the RAM being inadequate. But apparently, you never had that problem. On the other hand I expected you to rave about the FHD IPS screen but you have nothing glowing or even positive to say about that. Seriously, what is the display like? Also, did you check the audio quality? Do the have something like Dolby enhancement or something? If the frame rate is low, this only makes sense as a multimedia phablet. So the screen and audio should be good. But you’ve not said anything about them. Please tell us about its screen and audio.

    1. 1GB RAM is more than enough, unless you multi task a lot with heavy apps and play heavy games. If RAM is less then heavy apps for example games will restart if you try to move to another app during game play. There is no Dolby enhancements, and please read the review and watch the video review regarding sound and screen.

      1. Hi gogi, thanks for your prompt response. Sad to see that no audio enhancement has been given. 1 gb ram may be enough for lesser resolution screens but can prove inadequate for a large fhd screen. We see here only 359 mb left to the user whereas it is usually double that. That could be problematic for even ordinary multitasking. If there are many pre-installed apps, you can probably uninstall or disable many of those to add some more free space, but that is somewhat of a compromise solution. I expected you to say some nice things about the screen because it is an IPS RETINA display and it is supposed to wow you somewhat. You should feel like saying things like “What a lovely display” rather than just the technical points. Maybe the reason you never got that feeling is that actual display quality is not so great here, just the specs.

        Overall, negative points like
        1) Poor Gaming experience due to low frame rate
        2) Display lacking qualitative attractiveness to go with good specs
        3) Lack of any sopecial features with the audio that people like Lenovo and Nokia have with even their sub-10 k products
        4) Can’t transfer apps to external storage
        5) Failure to distinguish themselves from the branded inspiration in any attractive way.(One suggestion is that they could have replaced Samsung’s awful physical button for Home and replaced it with a more natural touch button)
        seem to undermine some of the ground-breaking positives like large Fhd screen with an adequately large battery, decent price and also the inclusion of of OTG support(WHICH SHOULD INCLUDE LARGER CAPACITY HARD DRIVES ALSO, NOT JUST SMALL FLASH DRIVES, so that you can buy and use such a device exclusively even for your downloading needs without needing to buy a pc on the side)
        I hope the Wickedleak team takes note of these points for the future.

        For the moment, this product seems to be a swing and a miss.

        1. Shyam, any FHD screen will WOW you. If you keep all these handsets with FHD screen side by side there are hardly any difference. General rule is that with high screen resolution the screen quality will by default be better, colors vivid and icons / text will be much sharper.

          Mobile devices have their own limitation for now (with the current technology) and for larger capacity HDD drives there are two things first – the OS should support it and second – power!.

  15. These is not Hdc galaxy note 3 as its dual sim + it doesn’t have styles + no skinning over stock android + hdc note 3 has very small bezel, bottom of the screen area is big on wammy 3.

    Gogi HDC note 3 is available on fastecardtech.com at 14000 with 2 ram GB,mt6589T and with free shipping is it safe to buy?

    1. Not sure about fastcardtech, I checked on their site it looks like 1GB RAM, but if you are buying from Chinese online stores better not go for free shipping as it takes a lot of time, months.. and in most cases you will not get the handset (untraceable). Better opt for good courier that will cost you additional 20$ or so but you can track (custom clearance is another hurdle) and will get it within 15 days.

    1. Look wise its identical but check the video review and read the text review. Built quality is good, the rear cover is plastic whereas on note 3 its faux leather, but they look almost identical.

  16. Gogi,
    Could you please indicate in your reviews how much skinning has been done on top of stock Android by the manufacturer. You sometimes do but this time did not find that information in this review (screenshots do not indicate much skinning though).

    1. If there is any done you will notice it instantly from the home screen. In most cases its not done. Check the video review.

  17. Why bother reviewing a phone which is available no where else, but on their own website?

    A new phone but just 1223 pieces are available, are they a serious company. It has been sometime since that have been in the market and should have expanded by now.

    1. Hi Vivek ,

      Thanks for the comments. We are expanding and evaluating various ways to improve distribution.We wish to expand but not at cost of existing customers thus the cautious approach.

      Wickedleak Team

        1. No. Dont count on service centers of most companies in kerala. The ones I have had good experience were Lg and Nokia. Rest depends on the center itself and not always the company. Going to Samsung center was like going to a hospital. Register your name, get a token and wait for your name to be called. And believe it or not there were at least 50 people waiting. Best thing you can do is check on the website, get the phone number and confirm it by calling them.

  18. Gogi, in China HDC and other companies selling their clone phones with Samsung / HTC / Nokia logo on it (front & rear). they also modify ROM like if you see about phone in setting u will see Samsung and model.
    Then my question is why these rebranded companies fear about these ? and put their logo on it ? why Samsung like companies don’t take action in China ?

  19. Hdc galaxy note3 fhd(real clone) available at 14200 with same specification please visit Fastcardtech.com

    1. Titan 3 is a little better but if you look at the price between 701 and titan 3 its not worth spending that much just for the camera.

  20. Gogi Sir through which app do you get the temp. readings? I use lenovo k900 and temp. according to DU Battery saver never goes above 38 not even during high fps settings in asphalt 8. in my experience mt6589 is a relatively cool processor.