The Wammy Titan 3 Octa handset from Wickedleak is an upgraded version of the Titan 3. The Octa core version runs on Android Jelly Bean OS with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage. The Octa version is available for Rs. 14,990.

Titan 3 Octa Box Pack
The box pack itself will give you the feeling that the handset is a cloned device. Inside the box you will find the handset, a free flip cover with S-View support, travel charger, data cable, earphone, user guide and 3200 mAh battery. The handset is available with and without Aqua Protect water proof technology. For handset with Aqua Protect you will need to pay Rs. 1500 extra.

Design and Display
The Titan 3 Octa resembles the Wammy Titan 3 handset that came with quad core processor, the design is the same, in fact is a clone of Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The build quality is good and the rear side looks like leather but actually its plastic with textures.

The volume rockers are on the left, power button on the right, micro USB port and mic at the bottom and 3.5mm audio jack on the top. On the rear there is 13MP camera with LED flash and with the new Wickedleak logo. On the front bottom there is two touch sensitive navigation buttons and a physical dedicated button in the centre.

Wammy Titan 3 Octa box pack

This is a dual SIM handset. You need a Normal SIM and a Micro SIM card. Weight with battery is 169 grams and handset is 8.81 mm thick.

The usable screen is 5.7 inches , it’s IPS OGS with full lamination and supports resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels with 16M colors. The touch is very good and so is the viewing angles and color reproduction. There are accelerometer, magnetic, light and proximity sensors. There is LED notification (single color – red).

Wammy Titan 3 Octa unboxing and review

The Wammy Titan 3 Octa runs on Android 4.2.2 and on the Wickedleak official website that have mentioned that it will be upgradable to Android 4.4 Kitkat.

Memory and Storage
There is a good 2GB of RAM of which 1.6GB is available on the first boot. Of the 16GB internal storage 1.14GB is allocated for apps and about 12GB as phone storage. There is micro SD card slot that supports cards of up to 64GB. OTG is not supported but you can install and move most apps on the external storage.

Wammy Titan 3 Octa review

The handset performed very well and there were hardly any lags when running the applications and playing games. The Titan 3 Octa is using the MT6592 MediaTek Octa core chipset clocked at 1.7GHz with Mali 450 MP GPU.

Benchmark Scores

App Results
Quadrant 12916
Antutu 26904
Vellamo HTML5 (2097) Metal (667)
Nenamark 2 55.8fps
Multi Touch 5 point

Entertainment and Camera
This octa core can play full HD videos. There is 13MP rear AF camera with LED flash and 5MP front camera. The still camera quality is good, it could have been better. The rear camera can record FHD videos at 30fps. Check the sample images and videos at the end of this review.

Wammy Titan 3 Octa 13MP rear camera with LED

I did not get time to install the MC4 (Modern Combat 4). I did install the Asphalt 8 that worked pretty well in the highest graphics mode. This handset can play a lot more high end games with ease.

Wi-Fi Direct / Hotspot and USB / Bluetooth Tethering is supported. Sound output is quite loud. 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth worked without any issues. GPS lock is fast.

The flip cover is magnetic, when you flip open the handset will auto unlock and when you close the flip the S-View window lights up. You can use the S-View window to control the media, access camera and calendar.

Wammy Titan 3 Octa flip cover with S-View

3200 mAh battery
The battery tends to heat up and when the temperature reaches 49 degrees it will popup the message battery is over temperature please remove the battery.

Wammy Titan 3 Octa 3200 mAh battery / dual SIM

For the first time I used the handset for 16 minutes running the benchmark apps only (with Wi-Fi on) the battery dropped by 8% and max temperature was 40 degrees. The second time I played the Asphalt 8 with Wi-Fi on and with auto brightness for 12 minutes the battery dropped by 6% and the max temperature was 49 degrees I got the battery over temperature message.

The third time I tried it in a cooler room, this time I played the Asphalt 8 for about 17 minutes the battery dropped by 10% and the max temperature was 46 degrees.

For normal usage there are no issues but when you play high end games in hot environment the battery tends to heat up quickly. If you have bought the Titan 3 Octa do leave a feed back on the battery performance it could be issue with the handset that I got for the review.

The battery drains faster when using heavy applications.

The Wammy Titan 3 Octa has everything that one would want on a powerful handset. The performance is smooth, camera quality could have been better (but it’s not that bad). 2GB RAM, 16GB storage is an added advantage. This dual SIM octa core handset is available for a price tag of Rs. 14,990 and with aqua protect it will cost Rs. 16, 490. A very good buy for the price and considering it’s feature, if brand is not an issue. The battery performance seems average.

Titan 3 Octa is available online for Rs. 14,990.

Image Gallery

Sample Images

Wammy Titan 3 Octa handset and gaming review

1080p sample video shot using the Titan 3 Octa


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  1. I purchased the titan 3 four months back, I feel cheated. The service is very poor. They even don’t publish their Address on Invoice. Only phone no. Not even mobile no. This Chinese phone have many problems. It hangs again and again. Software problem. Mumbai importer does not care after phone sold. Battery last for 8 hours. I think Chinese cheaters mentioned 3200 Ma Battery is misguiding people. It must be 1500-2000.

    If you activate voice instructions phone become useless. It stop scrolling, stop screen touch activity. Unable to cancelled the function. Software problems. If video played battery and phone heats up.

    Company do not send courier as promised.
    Hence be carefull before purchase. I do not advice to buy.

  2. Wickedleak products are very good, superior option to waste away money for those who do not wish to donate it to poor.

  3. Similarly speced xiomi mi note priced at 9999/- ,way better than this. This is good if priced at 8999/- with aqua protect film.

  4. Dear Akshit, please give us your order id and contact the customer care we will resolve the issue.

  5. Hello Gogi and @wickedleak team,

    The specs and the pricing of the phone looks very interesting but the heating issue and after sales service is holding me back from buying the phone.

    Please provide an honest advise on whether the after sales is really bad and the heating issue is there in all the production phones?

    1. I’m using this phone for quite some time now and did not face any meeting issue. For service one has to send it to Mumbai, intimating them the courier details. Service is OK,

  6. As mobile giving frequent problem of heating and switch off……Camera Quality is worst ever ,It’s 13 MP camera is not better ( Poor video and Audio Quality ) than my 3 yrs old Samsung 5 MP camera…Its front camera is ever worst gives VGA Pictures….. Please don’t buy any product from …………………I lost my 17 K……….

  7. Can titan3 octa is used to do normal uses snd some mid level game without affecting the temprature in summer session

  8. Gogi sir!!
    I’m about to buy the wammy titan octa .. but the battery life concerns me.. and so do the after sales service.. Could you recommend a similar phone with the same screen size or larger.. for upto 18k possibly dual sim.? If not should I buy this phone believing that a kitkat update would fix battery problems?

    — thankyou for helping us all out here.. your reviews are interesting and very much to the point 😉

    1. Tejas, the handset heats up a lot, I would suggest wait for few more days, a new model will be launched soon.

  9. Which is best between titan3 octa vs xolo q3000 and pls send me unboxing and review of these two phone also tell me how much time required to fix gps on these two phone

  10. Hi @Wickedleak team,

    Please tell us because of what reason there is a battery issue into the titan 3 octa and what solution it’s there for this problem.



    1. The battery of octa titan 3 tends to heat up , even if on stand by in warm environment. It seems to be a problem with the handset. Hope wickedleak’s team comes up with some solution for it.

    2. I purchased this mobile have very bad impression,Memory card not detecting, Send for replacement ,again sent me used Mobile with scratches on screen.Not refunding return courier charges since last one month,,,Customer care giving false details about refund and not giving reply of mail and not giving chating reply also ,,,,I lost Rs 700 courier charge and Rs 16k against mobile …As mobile giving frequent problem of heating and switch off……Camera Quality is worst ever ,It’s 13 MP camera is better better than my 3 yrs old Samsung 5 MP camera… Please don’t buy any product from …………………I lost my 17 K……….

  11. gogi sir wammy titan 3 octa isnt available in any online store of india and also in my city’s retail from where i can get this cell. my budget is 15 k.. or should i go for other handset?

  12. No matter with re-branding even Lava re branding xolo mobiles but their service are damm good and they have good number of service centres i have an experience with xolo i bought a xolo a500 club model from local store(Magic Mobiles) and there was a problem with my phone on Very first day (Touch Not Works while charging) then i gone to service centre (i live in Tamilnadu City: Erode There is an authorised service centre) they serviced my charger and again the problem continued then they said we will send the email to the Main HQ if we got confirmation We will replace it with new mobile and after 3 days they called me his name is ganesan (Xolo Staff Erode) he said Sir We got a confirmation email u can get a new phone from the shop where u bought thank god i got a new phone So Re Branding does not matter Many mobile companies doing that But you must have a good number of service centre thats the IMPORTANT

    1. you are right. even many of Indian companies are now improving their customer service and increasing number of service centers.

  13. Octa Core phones for just 15k its nice but its hard to Trust these Brands

  14. respected gogi sir i want to ask u which mobile i should buy wammy titan 3 octa or auxus nuclea x pls tell me fast as possible

        1. Hi,

          Please do not the pathetic iberry products each product has defects and the company blames the customers for it and you would have to visit very often once you buy it’s products, so I request all to refrain buying iberry products.

    1. Hi Salahuddin,

      Thanks for the comments,
      The issues posted are already resolved and they are a very very small percentage of customers we serve.

      Wickedleak Team

      1. Unfortunately, we need to be lucky one to get Good working mobile from you, It is like gamble if we are unlucky then we will get good working condition mobile, else we need to suffer from you people to get replace (ohhh sorry, to get repair our mobile with fault in some other stuff) as we were unlucky one.
        So in simple terms you are doing great work in India, but many people in India are unlucky, its not your fault, as our government is allow you to do so. & please don’t give me your sweet reply on this as I don’t need it.
        Have fun & enjoy your success and profit.

  15. Dear sir, pardon me if m trying to be offensive but dont u think that giving reviews to those smartphones who doesnt even have proper service centre n exist on selling it online is a simple technique of favouring them. I mean they do not want spend a single penny on aftersales service. The person who sees ur review abt them gets trapped in their mouthwatering offerings n after that they keep on searching n calling them n they dont even bother ther after. Sir i just want to request u that pls make them very clear abt the concern subject above.

    1. Every person will have a different after sales experience, this can happen with big brands too. It is up to you if you are comfortable you can go ahead if not just buy the brand you believe in.

  16. this device has good specifications.but only bad thing is no availability of service centers.also if they had given NFC then it would have rocked.

    1. Hi Vishnu,

      Our Customer Care support is online via chat, telephone and e-mail in case of any issue faced by you , we also arrange for reverse pick ups from your address or you may simply drop it to closest DTDC or Bluedart outlet who will bring the product back to our service center (headquarters) in Mumbai as we have a national tie-up with them. You may also call us at 022 65666511. or email us at or chat with us

  17. Buying these phones are like a gamble.If you are lucky ,then it will last otherwise they start giving problems from the start.They are like in the third row in terms of quality and service…coming after the reputed international brands and then after the reputed indian brands…and i have also noticed that they dont even have dedicated service centres…they provide you with some local mobile repair centre which also acts as service centres for many third class brands like videocon,spice,celkon,iball etc…its high time that indian brands start giving quality service to their customers…

    1. Hi Rahul,

      Thanks for the Comments.
      Our Customer Care support is online via chat, telephone and e-mail in case of any issue faced by you , we also arrange for reverse pick ups from your address or you may simply drop it to closest DTDC or Bluedart outlet who will bring the product back to our service center (headquarters) in Mumbai as we have a national tie-up with them. You may also call us at 022 65666511. or email us at or chat with us

  18. gogi sir . I want to buy a phone under 15000. should I go with moto g or anything else???

  19. Gogi, the thing about the battery heating up and also losing power fast is very interesting! Actually Mediatek’s octa-core technology is specifically designed to prevent overheating of any core and to use as few cores as necessary for any task! And it certainly works very well with a bunch of phones you’ve reviewed. I wonder what is causing this problem! Maybe there’s a problem with the battery pins in the back where the battery feeds power to the device. If it is an isolated problem with the review unit, then okay. Otherwise, it would be a deal-breaker for me because it can be actually dangerous even when charging!

    Otherwise, very impressive specs with good pricing. It joins the list of 5.5+ inch devices that have started coming up in the 10-15 k range. They could have provided a FHD screen to go with the 2 gb of RAM(Last time, they gave us a FHD screen but with only 1 gb of RAM unfortunately) Also lose the physical home button – everybody hates that. That’s the worst thing to copy from Samsung.

    1. Hi Shyam,

      It really depends on how device is tested. However we can assure device has 8-9 hours of battery back up.

      Wickedleak Team

  20. Hi gogi

    Im from andhra pradesh. Here no service center available. If any problems comes how to solve it

  21. Gogi, it available in black colour ?
    2.water coating test missing.. can you add ?

    1. Black color I think yes, and as for water test it is the same as seen on the Wammy Passion X review.

      1. Hi,

        Yes, the black color is available. I received the black color handset. The battery does drain when running high-end apps or games that require more RAM and processing power. Also, the screen in full brightness will drain the battery.


        1. Thanks devesh,

          could you brief your more experience with this handset.. it will help full for us.

  22. Hi Gogi,

    The review was nice as you mentioned the battery is an issue, can this issue be resolved by updates from Wickedleak or Can the battery be replaced by some other brand.

    Pls clear my confusion whether i should buy WT3 Octa or Xolo q2500. Pls suggest.

    1. I will check with Wickedleak and see if they can provide another handset to test the battery issue.

    2. @Avinash Ghonse : Go for Xolo Q2500, Awesome phone. In local market you get around 13 K. I’m proud owner.

      1. Hi Amit,

        Thx for the reply I have doubt is 1gb ram sufficient when you do multitask.

  23. Can you find any difference in playing asphalt 8 in mtk6582 quad core and mtk6592 octa core

  24. Compare build quality with moto g .
    and when u will review canvas knight waiting eagerly for it

  25. Hi All,

    I purchased a Wammy Passion ‘Z’ last July. It is a fine set, but I have 2 unresolved issues — They promised KitKat update in January 2014, but no signs of it so far. I checked with them sometime back and they said Sorry.
    Secondly, my GPS is not working/locking 2 or 3 calls/chats have not helped.
    Otherwise the handset it not bad.

    rakesh Sharma

      1. Hi,

        Yes, the service center is an issue with WickedLeak and it has to be sent back to them for any issues. I think they do have reverse pick-up with DTDC to collect the handset. Just remember to inform them prior hand and get a tracker number before you send your handset to them.

        At present, I believe they are looking to put up some service centers throughout the country.


        1. The service centre even for a brand like LAVA in nagpur is pathetic…its spending lacs and lacs of rupees sponsoring IIFA awards but if you see their service centre ,its nothing more than a local mobile repair shop with two people sitting with one computer who hardly have any knowledge…i went there to update my iris 501 from ICS to JB but those idiots flashed a jb firmware of a xolo phone ,,,later i updated it on my own with originaql firmware from XDA…