Vodafone has now rolled out a new plan the Vodafone 244 that comes for a price tag of Rs. 244 and gives Vodafone customers up to 70GB of 4G data and along with that users also get unlimited SMS’s and voice calls. This pack will be valid for 70 days.

The plan looks good but this plan is FRC based which means First Recharge Coupon, so Vodafone users will be able to use this facility only once. The plan validity as mentioned is 70 days and users get 70GB 4G data that spreads to 1GB  of data cap per day.

If customer wants they can, after 70 days go for the Vodafone 244 plan it will cost the same, same facility but on 2nd recharge the validity will be for only 35 days. Another catch is that this Vodafone FRC 244 plan is only for new 4G customers.

vodafone 244 plan

No matter how hard the other network operators try they simply cannot match up or provide competitive tariff when compared with Reliance Jio.

Source : Twitter

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  1. why am I getting H+ symbol instead of 4G in my 4G handset using the vodafone sim card? Ddint face such issue with airtel and JIo. can Gogi/some one please help me on this? I live in Bangalore.

  2. Guys, am from Bangalore. Bought a new pre paid Vodafone sim and recharged with FRC ₹244. Yet to get this offer. My main balance is being deducted whenever I connect to internet. Tried reaching out to CC, but yet to talk to a human. Whenever I press 9, it comes back to main menu. Made a complaint in twitter. They mentioned someone will call back. Yet to receive any call back. Very poor service and dishonest to say the least. Thanks to JIO they are facing the music. STAY AWAY from Vodafone.

  3. Vodafone and Airtel are the biggest culprits who are solely responsible for keeping the public of India in digital darkness. Some time in the future we will look back at times when they charged min. Rs 250 for 1 GB data for 28 days and wish that their CEOs had been flogged and thrown behind bars.

    They are driven only by greed and obscene profitability, tying up the public into an solid duopoly that thankfully seems to have been broken by Jio. I hope Sunil Mittal and Co. rots in hell along with the Vodafone bas***rds, they have special rooms booked in hell for denying the public opportunities that open up with access to fast and cheap Internet. The economy has suffered much because of their greed and it kept India and it’s vast population from progress.

    I hope the public actively shun their services and increase the already huge losses that they are facing today.

    1. I feel the same like you brother. And its not just these 2 companies in tele-communication who are doing this but there are many other companies in different sectors who are doing the same. They do not care what India needs and what’s best for the country. All they want is maximum profits even if it comes at the cost of country’s development.

      And we all know why all these companies exist and blossom in our country – of course corruption. Most of our government people bother less about the country and more about their filthy lives.

      Now Airtel, Vodafone and other companies show that their profits are going lower due to JIO, while the truth is they never deserved to have such high profits ever if they had done sensible business. They used the situations for more profits earlier, now its payback time! Slowly they will have to fight for even surviving.

  4. Bechaare dil.par patthar rakh kar dena pad raha h yeh offer andar se bahut ro rahe h par yeh sab operators ,loot nahi pa rahe public ko thanks to jio

  5. Why only for 4g customers all are giving vodafone and airtel. Bcoz 4g customers only uses jio so airtel and voda giving offers to only 4g customers. Its clear how jio f***s airtel and idea.

  6. Its a shame that the operators do not care about the existing customers. I have been a Vodafone user for last 10 years but I will soon switch to a different operator. Soon these “Self Acclaimed Clever Operators” will face the pinch of loosing most of their reliable customers leaving them with completely low user base. Best of luck!

    1. Do not switch to Idea. I am having horrible experience with idea after switching from Airtel.