Videocon mobiles though late have now launched Videocon A55HD handset that comes with the MediaTek quad core processor with a 5 inch OGS screen (HD resolution) for Rs. 13,499. It’s the same old Wine in a new bottle.

MediaTek processors are slowly catching up not only with brands that cater to budget conscious consumers but are now accepted by bigger brands like Sony (Sony Xperia C). The Videocon A55HD is powered by MT6589 chipset with PowerVR SGX 544 MP GPU. The screen is of OSG technology that helps make the handset slimmer.

The A55HD runs on Android 4.2 with 1GB RAM and 4GB storage. There is external SD support too. The screen resolution is 1280×720 pixels. Like on every other MT6589 powered handset this one too comes with 8MP auto focus camera with LED flash and a 3.2 MP front camera with native video call support.

Other common features included are 3G support (HSDPA), Wi-Fi (b/g/n), GPS and Bluetooth. There is micro USB port and a 3.5mm audio jack. Battery is 2000 mAh.

Videocon A55HD

Videocon A55HD key features and specifications

  • Dual SIM / Dual Standby.
  • 5 inch OGS screen with HD resolution.
  • 1.2GHz quad core MT6589 + PowerVR SGX 544 MP GPU.
  • Android 4.2.1.
  • 1GB RAM, 4GB storage and micro SD support (32GB).
  • 8MP AF camera with flash + 3.2MP front camera.
  • 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4, GPS, micro USB and 3.5mm audio jack.
  • Sensors : G-Sensor, Proximity and light. (Not sure yet if it has magnetic sensors).
  • Battery : 2000 mAh.
  • Price Rs. 13,400.

The A55 HD from Videocon is price at Rs. 13,400 and competes with MMX A116, Zen 701 HD and Lava 504Q.

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  1. hi gogi…why this people fighting abt android and windows and commenting on non relative post here….it is better you can maintain a debate blog between android and windows lovers…finally we are all using mobile for some purpose for communication and it is.

  2. I know dat Kunal..! Windows is nt hungry lyk Android.. I was talking abt Lava Iris 458Q which Grave was telling abt better than XOLO Q800…!

  3. sir,please tell the wikipad 7’inch gaming pad is going to available in india when or any other gaming tablet besides simmtronics xpad xq1.

  4. I think its you who must study before posting. LOL! Look at my comments below man. Go and study on SoC’s! Go! xD

    1. Reply to Grave!
      Gogi, happened again. But after like replying to 5-6 comments it happened! πŸ™‚

  5. @Pritish @Grave – U both are right in your point of views, though bit overconfident and not ready to let ur point of views down.

    As per Qualcomm – “The successor to Scorpion, found in S4 Snapdragon SoCs is named Krait and has many similarities with the ARM Cortex-A15 CPU and is also based on the ARMv7 instruction set. The Adreno 225 or higher GPU in Snapdragon S4 SoCs adds support for DirectX 9/Shader Model 3.0 which makes it compatible with Microsoft’s Windows 8.”

    So Lumia 520 is not based on ARM Cortex A15 architechture, but has a lot of similarities to it. In other words, this is as powerful as A15 architecture based chipsets.

    1. Wikipedia is not going to make you a well educated men.Lumia 520 is running s4 plus with Adreno 305…i agree with that Direct X 9/Shader thingy…but it’s slightly better than quad a9’s…much better than mediateks.It is Cortex-a15.

      1. Agreed. It is based on two powerful Cortex A15-class β€œKrait” cores. Also, the Krait processor is more energy efficient in general than the A9, which means it should offer more power without consuming as much energy.

      2. And by the way, we are definitely not as enlightened about technology as u are. So if not Wikipedia or some other technical sources, from where do you think we could assess something or educate ourselves?

        1. Make you point clear.First offending people then telling them you are not so educated?

          1. I am not offending someone. All I said was what I did found. And if you read my above statement, it says “two Cortex A15 class core”, not exactly A15 cores. With all my limited knowledge I could find out that Krait processor have their own architecture design. Qualcomm does not follow ARM Cortex design architecture at all.

  6. Dude,what do you think? On what architecture is Snapdragon S4 generation of processors is running?
    Let me tell you this in brief-
    Arm Cortex-A15
    Chipset – Qualcomm
    1.Snapdragon S4 Play
    2.Snapdragon S4 Plus
    3.Snapdragon S4 Pro
    4.Snapdragon S4 Prime.
    Lumia 520 runs on s4 plus.
    And those mediatek quad cores are not cortex A-9,they are A-7…Nokia Lumia 520 is absolutely a powerhouse of all these.People like you are really stupids?What’s your point of saying that Windowsphone 8 dose’t run on Cortex-A15?All of Lumia X20 devices run on Cortex A15.When it comes to power,Lumia is again winner.It can natively play 1080P while Lava needs MX Player.Dude,you are pure nonsense…admit it and don’t reply to prove your stupidity.

      1. As Shashank said it,
        No doubt abt it that u won a Lumia 520.. I understand ur concern to think Lumia 520 as equivalent to S4..
        Have u even wondered why a single Windows phone doesnt hav a fhd display?? Coz, u are trying or meant to say Cortex A15 doesnt support it? πŸ˜€ No, coz Windows doesnt support fhd display get ur facts ri8.. Dual Cortex A15 can never be clocked at 1ghZ.. πŸ˜€

        Play use A5 & A5 architecture,
        Plus uses A9 architecture,
        Pro uses A9 architecture (in few A15)
        & Prime uses A15 architecture..

        OK! I hope to solve ur prblm..

        1. You people are so horrible.
          Btw i don’t own a lumia but will be buying one eventually.And that whole point is nonsense.The whole S4 generation is Based on A15.Douchebag…you are even know what were Snapdragon S1,S2,S3?
          And yea i know 1080p displays are not supported-because ms don’t allow it…you don’t know anything…stick to your creepy comment…i hope you study before posting.And again,don’t reply…duh

          1. Grave…I don’t how it did u kept your post till now on nokia lumia 520 without even at least surfing on internet before commenting.Please go through the below link you will have a better idea about Qualcomm chipsets. The nokia lumia comes with Snapdragon S4 plus which is MSM8227 and it is based on ARM cortex 7 and it is also mentioned that nokia lumia 520 is build with this chipset. Please go through the below link. I think now you can keep the zip of your mouth closed.


          2. ARMv7 is like a version number raj. You have confused Cortex-A7 with ARMv7. Anyways, he has read some news partially and has assumed that S4 runs on Cortex-A15. Actually the Krait cores just use the Instruction Sets of Cortex-A15 and isn’t A15.

            Like I said before, in terms of performance,

            Krait 200 is more or less equal to Cortex-A9.

            Krait 300 is just Krait 200 with higher clock speed, so better than Cortex-A9 obviously, near to Cortex-A15 but not as good.

            Krait 400 is the best, its actually better than Cortex-A15.

            Reading things half will surely lead to misunderstanding. If Lumia 520 was based on Cortex-A15, it wouldn’t have been priced 10k, it would have been around 15k.

    1. FYKI, S4 Plus doesn’t use Cortex-A15. None of the Lumia phones run on Cortex-A15 or processors based on A15. The S4 SoC have 3 Krait cores.

      1. Krait 200 equivalent to Cortex-A9. (S4 Plus, S4 Pro, Snapdragon 400)
      2. Krait 300 is kind of a mix of Cortex-A9 and A15. (Snapdragon 600)
      3. Krait 400 equivalent to Cortex-A15. (Snapdragon 800)

      If you still cannot understand stuff, then you have some serious problems! Thank you! And good luck with your Lumia 520 on Cortex-A15! πŸ™‚

    2. And a few things about what you said in your comments.

      1. S4 Play runs on Cortex-A5 not A15.
      2. Krait 400 (built on Cortex-A15) wasn’t optimised for Windows until recently they worked on it and now Snapdragon 800 works with Windows Phone OS.
      4. Playing 1080p videos hasn’t got anything to do with Cortex-A15 unless you use MX or other players. It depends on the GPU used. Take a quad core Cortex-A15 and put an Adreno 205 GPU, and it won’t be able to play 1080p video directly unless you use those other players! God!

      1. Stupid,you don’t know what i am talking about.If i take a quad a15,it will only be paired with 400mhz adreno 320-330.
        It can’t be paired with 205.
        Here you go-
        S4 plus-
        Cortex a15,upto 1.7ghz,adreno 305 graphicps processing unit.
        S4 Pro-
        Cortex a15,upto 2.0ghz,adreno 320.
        S4 prime-
        Cortex a15,upto 2.3ghz,adreno 330.
        Just shut up now.

        1. Huh? O.o all are Cortex A15 πŸ˜€ even my Nokia 7210 is based on A15.. On true sense only Exynos 5412 & Snapdragon 800 only have Cortex A15 core.. Im clarifying again S4 SoC inspired by cortex A15 design they dont posses them xcpt Snapdragon 800.. Dont believe me ask Gogi @grave..
          Hot Debate

        2. LOL! Where did you get all these things from man? πŸ˜€
          For God’s sake man. They don’t use Cortex-A15 cores! They use Krait cores. Which is different from Cortex-A15 cores. And Cortex-A15 can be clocked only upto 1.9 GHz as far as I know. You really are that dumb to understand anything! πŸ˜€

        3. And I don’t know who told you Adreno 205 cannot be paired with Cortex-A15. And CPU can be paired with any GPU. Its your wish. There is nothing like can’t pair. LOL!

      2. Thank you for clarifying aditya.. I was talking abt thinking Lumia same to Galaxy S4 nt S4 SoC though I know all Snapdragon is S4 Soc & Scorpion is S3 Soc.. As i said in short abt all S4 Soc’s details, Aditya explained it detail (thank u again!) & pls All S4 SoC’s r nt built on A15 archctr coz Qualcomm design their own Arm based SoC i.e v7 though is true the design is inspired by Cortex A15 archctr i.e 28nm…! If u again have any prblm, i would luv to solve @grave

        1. @Pritish – Rightly said – “All S4 SoC’s r nt built on A15 archctr coz Qualcomm design their own Arm based SoC i.e v7 though is true the design is inspired by Cortex A15 archctr i.e 28nm” ….. That’s what I was also saying !!!

          1. Hmmm. Krait cores are built on the Instruction Sets of Cortex-A15 so its not really A15. Now I don’t really know about the instruction sets and stuff, but I know that much! πŸ™‚
            I’m a tech enthusiast bro! I would love to help you guys out and know more from you guys that I may not know about! πŸ™‚

  7. Nokia lumia 520 uses dual core krait….which has its architecture similar to cortex A-15 series…!

    1. But actually its a low performer….! :-)…Because it is from plus category of snapdragon series…!

  8. Do u even know about MTK 6577 abt its pros & cons.. I know its built on A9 archtre bt its nt better than quad A7.. Do,u know the heating issues with it or GPS track prblm.. 1st do ur research then flatter.. R, Lumia 520 with A15.. πŸ˜€ Do u even know Cortex A15 doesnt support Windows8.. I was talking abt Win8 OS nt Nokia H/W..
    P.S- Win 8.1 look promising. Preview version is already out..

    1. This rply was 4 @grave.. & if i have to go to cave then pls visit ur nearest grave.. πŸ˜€ Even, Nokia wud be astonished to learn when they launched Cortex A15 with Lumia 520.. And,quad A7 is purely based on power consumtion coz Android is a battery eater.. Plz,let me know which is better Lumia 520 or XOLO Q800 within 10k with ur powerful knowledge abt gadgets…

      1. xolo q800 any day. this phone is really good. using from 3 months. and after playing real racing and NFS most wanted for 3 hrs it does not heat up like others.

      2. Within 10k Lava Iris 458Q (android) is best…just helping you…but must try Nokia lumia 520…dude i am not trying to dump you…i don’t know you…but i am telling you Lumia 520 is VFM.Believe me dude…

          1. Pritish – A 512 MB RAM on Windows 8 platform is more or less same as 1 GB on Android platform (including ofcourse certain other parameters such as SOC, GPU etc.).

  9. Then you should probably dream of a phone,with a 4′ IPS screen,5MP camera,Snapdragon S4 plus processor…of coarse running android.And don’t talk about quad core crap under 10k…it’s all cortex-a7 processor…not even perfectly close to dual core cortex-a9 architecture…and Lumia 520 got a whooping Cortex-a15,1 ghz dual core…so,you quad core mediatek is nothing…and lumia 520 is a powerhouse…despite 512mb of ram…and what does ‘A LONG WAY TO GO’ means???Lumia 520 and 620 are already a huge hit here in india… Caveman…do some study,don’t just follow stupid’s…

    1. Wuut? Cortex-A15 on Lumia 520. Are you gone mad or something? Its based on Cortex-A9 man, those are Krait cores.

      1. MY GOD!Are you all stupids!
        Reds me down will not change the truth.Go guys,and search that for once…Every lumia X20 device is running on A15…wth…that’s why it’s such a huge hit…i mean search it for once…it runs on cortex a15…

    2. hehe grave buddy u got it wrong. Qualcomm s4 plus 1 ghz dual core and MY 6589 1.2 ghz quad core. so grow up cheap always does not mean low quality. I have a xolo q800 and have used Lumia 720 which my friend has. however hardware quality of Nokia is top notch but Android stands way up than windows. Also to give you an insight this MT 6589 plays all games of size like 2gb. Nova 3 and I have NFS most wanted 1.8gb installed. U talking about cortex a7 then if you know Samsung Galaxy s4 uses 4 cortex a7 and 4 cortex a15 core’s. so first use and then give your opinion.

  10. gogi sir a 116 or q1000 or zen 701 hd pl. advice or should i wait for gionee e6 any help welcomed and i use it mainly to play games

    1. Like Gogi said you might want to wait if not in a hurry. Canvas 4 and Gionee Elife E6 might bring in better performance with them. So wait. If its not worth it you can go with Canvas HD I guess.

  11. gogi sir a 116 or q1000 or zen 701 hd pl. advice or should i wait for gionee e6

  12. If only they had brought in 8GB ROM and a slightly bigger battery they would have had the upper hand! But sadly its just the same as other phones! πŸ™

  13. hello gogi ji!
    i planned to buy lava iris 458q!
    what about this mobile?
    plz post pros and cons & or suggest me any other solutions…

    1. When at the same price – Micromax can, why not Videocon? Can you please enlighten us?

      1. BMW and Maruti are going to launch lets say a sports car for 50 lakhs! Which are you gonna buy? BMW right? Same thing here. Not saying MMX is that great, but it has earned its place.

        1. I think Videocon brand is ahead of other companies and would soon drop their prices. The quality is good as previously i bought a cheap phone from videocon and it performs nice. I think the videocon would compete however waiting for reviews πŸ™‚

          1. Hmm, maybe. But you know we Indians rely on people who are well known, in their respective fields obviously! Like MMX can’t really beat Videocon in bringing out TV’s cause its been there from a long time and MMX’s pretty new to it. So maybe give Videocon a bit of a time and they might do well, who knows. For know they need to bring in new things before MMX does it, so that they gain some popularity and make a name for themselves. πŸ™‚

  14. Gogi Rana Ji..Sab Indian Phone resellers like Videocon et. al. ko kya ho gaya he..they are like a bunch of sheep..following the same 1.2GHz quad core MT6589-5 inch display-2000 Mah battery route. The phones even look alike and come from same factory in Shenzhen. Imagination is lacking..why don’t you advise them about recent developments in mobile tech !

    1. Lol dude,gogi can’t do anything in it ( unless he is a special shareholder of the company πŸ™‚ of course ).
      As far as innovation from indian companies is concerned,i assure you Micromax is gonna be big…but there’s time left in it. You must admit-these are all rebranded chinese phones. Videocon should stop rebranding,they are good at T.V’s and DTH services.Currently,micromax is getting massive and a pain to samsung. But they are not OEM’s of their own phones. Wait until they design their own phones. As i said it’s gonna take some time-chill down πŸ˜€

        1. What do you think what else i said? Are you fool?
          Micromax is NOT an OEM.That only means they D’ONT design or manufacture their own phone.Read it again.
          Fyki,OEM means-Original Equipment Manufacturer.

  15. Gogi,
    Are there any better handset within 10k than Xolo Q800 & Lava Iris 405 within 5.5k?
    Awaiting ur rply..

  16. KINDLE FIRE HD now available in india via
    pls do a review if possible..

  17. Companies should focus on after sales and service also.. otherwise these products will be nothing but junk when you face any problem and dont know where to take it to get it fixed.

    Who’s gonna buy a phone for 13K with a risk…

    1. Not sure but I think it should for that price everyone is giving the mid MT6589 version (same as on MMX A116).

    1. OGS is a single glass that is both a glass and a touch screen (incorporated within). The glass gives extra protection and also is touch responsive. IPS is different. You can have a handset that is OGS IPS. IPS tech improves viewing angle.

  18. Hi gogi,

    Any news on Jiayu G6 when it will be launch in india and what will the price ?