Even though Apple iPhone and Google Android are gaining popularity the BlackBerry mobile phones still hold its position.  No matter what phone you use an unlocked handset gives you more freedom. Any phone that is locked can be unlocked. Here is how you can unlock you BlackBerry cell phones.

Before you proceed remember that unlocking may void any warranty but normally does not cause any harm to the phone, but proceed at your own risk. There are many BlackBerry users who are ready to take the risk and 99% of the time it’s successful. Once the BlackBerry mobile phone is unlocked they get more freedom to install new software, make cheaper calls, switch service provides and more.

What you should know before you Unlock your BlackBerry phone

  • You should know the BlackBerry model you are using.
  • To unlock your BlackBerry Smart Phone you need to know your handset IMEI number ( you can check your invoice or the Blackberry box pack or dial *#06# from your BlackBerry Phone. Other Option to get IMEI  is by going to Settings -> Options -> Status on the phone menu or pushing Caps + Alt + H keys on the keypad.
  • The last thing you should know is your service provider.
How to unlock blackberry Handsets
How to unlock blackberry Handsets

How to Unlock your BlackBerry Phone

Once you have the above information ready you need to visit sites that can help you unlock your cell phones I have listed two sites below. You can check the sites (one of them is cheaper), Select BlackBerry model, service provider and punch in your Blackberry IMEI.



Make the payment (Sorry but the unlocking is not free) and you should receive the unlock code via email. Make sure you use a trusted payment gateway like PayPal or Google Checkout.  Though the process is simple and safe, you are doing this at your own risk.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in