Amongst toy guns, fun combined with a bit of realism is strongly associated with the fully automatic gel blaster. Known as an electric water bomb blaster, this apparatus ensures an exciting time for lovers of all ages.

What is a Fully Automatic Gel Blaster?

A gun that shoots gel balls once you pull the trigger; commonly called water bullets. These pellets are environmentally friendly since they are mostly made from water and burst when hit to minimize mess and ensure safety. It is powered by batteries that can be recharged making it ideal for longer play times.

Key Features of Gel Blasters

Lightweight and Compact Design: This toy weapon’s design takes into consideration its user friendliness. It is small in size and light making it easy to handle by kids or adults alike.

Material and Build: Made typically from durable plastics, gel blasters are designed for strength while at the same time being safe to use.

Battery Operated: The battery installed in this device makes it possible for one to engage in long hours of playing without needing frequent replacements. It comes with a USB cable that makes charging effortless.

Gel Loading and Preparation

The set comes with a unique container where hydrating gels are filled. Before their usage, these gels must soak in water until they double their sizes which should take approximately two hours. This soaking step is essential for them to function correctly when shot on Gun holders have been developed for this purpose specifically so that users do not make any mistakes during their shooting career.

Operating the Gel Blaster

Use of gel blaster

With hydrated gels properly loaded into the grenade-type container, they will be ready for action hence allowing one to turn on the switch aim then shoot. Their shots are so loud that they splat causing satisfaction to the one shooting without harming or creating a mess

Safety and Maintenance

Although made for safe use, it is recommended that players wear eye protection while playing in order to prevent possible contact of the gel balls with their eyes accidentally. Therefore maintenance will go further than charging the battery and removing particles from the gel which will make sure that it keeps on working well.


The fully automatic gel blaster is a fun way to engage in a shootout without taking chances using traditional toy guns. This game can be played casually at home or competitively during organized gel blaster events, everyone involved will have lots of fun. Share your experiences and tell us how playing with the gel blaster adds flavor in your playful moments!

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -