UMI will soon launch a dual screen handset, the company has already revealed it via Facebook with tagline –‘Duplex Life, the best from UMI’. This is not the first dual screen phone, remember Yota phone, yes they were the first to launch handset with dual screen and it seems this dual screen theme is catching up again.

The 2nd screen on UMI Zero 2 (on the rear) will be using EPD (Electronic Paper Display) screen with E ink technology, same as used on the Yota phone. The advantage of EPD screen is that it consumes less power and perfect for reading. The screen is also clearly visible under direct sunlight.

If this handset gets launched soon, it could probably become the second dual screen mobile in the world. The EPD screen does not use back-lighting method as used on traditional display, and hence consumes less power and are always on.

UMI Zero 2 the dual screen smartphone coming soon

UMI Zero 2 will be announced soon – it will use EPD screen on the rear and traditional Samsung display on the front. The full specifications have not yet been unveiled. Zero 2 could be priced at over $500.


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