Togofogo is an online marketplace for buying or selling unboxed / refurbished stocks and second hand (used) gadgets. What makes it different from others like OLX, Quikr etc, is that all of the products go through rigorous 75 point quality checks and sold with warranty.

It is good place to buy mobiles phones (new/ refurbished / used) with affordable price and warranty. Users can not only buy gadgets from Togofogo but also sell their gadgets. They provide warranty on all products depending on the condition. Users can make use of easy payment option, hassle free remittance and 3 days return policy.

You will find unboxed / excess stock products at affordable prices – these are new products that were never used and don’t have the original manufacturer seal, such products are certified tested and warranty is provided for up to 10 months to 12 months (via WarrantyBazaar).

Togofogo also sells refurbished products – these are products that were used for some time and then restored to original new like condition. Such products come with 6 to 12 months warranty.

togofogo marketplace

Certified Pre-owned are old devices or 2nd hand devices that was used before and have been upgraded or exchanged for a new device. Such devices carry up to 6 months of warranty.

Togofogo has partnered with qutrust for 75 point quality check and warratybazaar for providing warranty on the product sold. For more info visit

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  1. I have receive my product by today, want to return the same as earlier as possible..I want my money back.
    TO1603150039-30261– Order Id –TO1603150039-30262..
    Do the needful.

  2. they again cheated me i order a fly mobile qik+ and they send me a fly basic old handset i have the full unboxing video and i also thinking to make an police dairy after consulting with my lawyer hope gogi ji help me to share my video bcz i also contact all top blogger but they are not responding

  3. Hi gogi ji, does the products from togofogo still have brand warranty for unboxed items apart from the warrantybazar warranty?

  4. I got best deal on Moto G at togofogo during the Christmas sale. I was searching from last one month but here I got lowest price as compared to others. I hope they deliver this phone on time.

  5. dead website !! lol… gogi please verify before reviewing any website … not even loading in a 4G network or not even my broadband connection …

    1. Website is working and secondly anything I put up on this site, is not a review, unless specifically mentioned.

  6. Gogi, I ordered a phone after watching your blog from togofogo today I received the parcel and I am shocked that they send me a dead phone phone condition is good but its a dead phone when I called their customer care they said charged the battery full night then your device will work I am so upset my hard working money gone, help me can I also share my order no with u if u needed?

    1. No need to share order number, charge the handset as they have mentioned and see if it works, if it does not then contact their customer care again.

      1. It does not turn on they just send me a dead piece I already record the unboxing video bcz its a new company and i have doubt and its proved that the mobile didn’t turn on now they said they will arrange a pick up it will take 10-15 days for replacement if they found any issue ?and what about qutrust for 75 point quality check ??how can they send a dead mobile to a customer?don’t know i will wait for 10 days as they mention…bcz mistake can be happen from any one 1st time ..

        1. Yes it is strange, handset completely dead even after quality checks, for such cases they should provide replacement immediately not let consumer wait for days.

          1. I will update u sir ..they said it will pick up with in 24 hrs lets see but they don’t provide me any pick up code

          2. Hello Gogi sir shipment picked up and return to them now their toll free number not working and a mobile number given their website also switch off what to do need ur help

          3. I’m actually planning to buy an unboxed yu yureka from I wanna know if they will replace ur faulty phone?

  7. Nice, I think this will be good option for buying at low price with warranty, also for selling…