Togofogo online marketplace that is different from OLX, Quikr and others

Togofogo is an online marketplace for buying or selling unboxed / refurbished stocks and second hand (used) gadgets. What makes it different from others like OLX, Quikr etc, is that all of the products go through rigorous 75 point quality checks and sold with warranty.

It is good place to buy mobiles phones (new/ refurbished / used) with affordable price and warranty. Users can not only buy gadgets from Togofogo but also sell their gadgets. They provide warranty on all products depending on the condition. Users can make use of easy payment option, hassle free remittance and 3 days return policy.

You will find unboxed / excess stock products at affordable prices – these are new products that were never used and don’t have the original manufacturer seal, such products are certified tested and warranty is provided for up to 10 months to 12 months (via WarrantyBazaar).

Togofogo also sells refurbished products – these are products that were used for some time and then restored to original new like condition. Such products come with 6 to 12 months warranty.

togofogo marketplace

Certified Pre-owned are old devices or 2nd hand devices that was used before and have been upgraded or exchanged for a new device. Such devices carry up to 6 months of warranty.

Togofogo has partnered with qutrust for 75 point quality check and warratybazaar for providing warranty on the product sold. For more info visit


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