You might have seen a post on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social media regarding Reliance Jio Bill that a user got for Rs. 27,718. Well that turned out to be fake and this has already been confirmed by Reliance Jio.

Social Media is a powerful tool that can make any news go viral in minutes. Unfortunately it does have its own negativity, just about anyone can create a news (real / fake) and, people just share it some for fun and some take it too seriously.

There was a news about a Reliance Bill for Rs. 27,718 issued to Mrs Mondal from Kolkata and it got viral, though I am sure most of the users  might not have taken it seriously. Well Reliance confirmed that it was a fake bill. The company is still offering free Reliance Jio SIM along with Welcome offer that allows users to use free data + voice for up to 31st December (the company may extend the offer beyond 2016).

Reliance Jio Fake Bill

Reliance Jio will not charge the users – they are free to use the plan, the only criteria is the data usage limit that is 4GB per day. Once the limit is crossed (in a day) net speed will be reduced and will reset after 24 hours.