Many of you are using a Router and you all know that the common issue with most routers, is the signal range. But with Mesh system like the Tenda Nova MW3 (3 pack) you will be able to get wi-fi signal range that covers of up to 3500 sq ft.

Before I begin the Tenda Nova MW3 comes in pack options you can go for 2 pack or 3 pack. The 2 pack Mesh system is more than enough for most homes / offices with about 2000 sq ft area and the 3 pack best for anything over 2000 sq ft.

Inside the box you will get the Nova Mesh either 2 or 3 units, cube style and they all look the same. You will also get respective 2 or 3 adapters and a single Ethernet cable, user manual is also included.

Nova Mesh is really easy to setup, I used the 3 pack mesh. You can use any of the mesh as a primary unit, i.e. the one connected to your primary net source. Setup process is really simple, the first mesh needs to be connected to the net source, same process like you follow with other router.

Tenda Nova Mw3 review

The 2nd and the 3rd Mesh setup is piece of cake, all you need to do is plug in the power, that’s it. Within 1 to 2 minutes the 2nd and the 3rd Mesh units will automatically connect with the first source.

Each of these units have a DC in, reset button, LAN and a WAN/LAN port.  Also each of these come with built in WiFi (Comply with IEEE802.11v/r), 1200 Mbps and are dual band i.e. supports 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz bands. The antennas are built in. Body is made of plastic, very good build and finishing.

As for encryption it supports  mixed WPA/WPA2-PSK(default) and firewall – Forbid UDP flood attack, Forbid TCP flood attack, Forbid ICMP flood attack. Other features are guest network access, firmware upgrade, parental control and it also supports Amazon Alexa.

Each of the units in the Tenda Nova MW3 (3 pack) are pretty light weight I guess around 100 grams. They are compact and looks great / blends well with the environment.


I am using a dual band Router and I get 2 bar out of 4 for 5GHz and 3 bar out of 4 for 2.4GHz, now  if I install just 1 MW3 unit I get the same results like my previous router. However if I connect the 2nd MW3 unit near to the place where I was not getting full signal, Voila! I get full signal. So put the 3 Mesh in different rooms and you get full signal everywhere (covers most of the area, even dead spots).

Now there are two options you can either go for a router and then invest in a repeater / extender or simply buy a Mesh system. The Mesh system is much better option as it is easy to setup and performance in general is way better than when compared with a repeater.

Best part is the Tenda Nova MW3 is so easy to setup, download the app and you can know which Mess is connected / working plus you can also setup the Wi-Fi name. The Mesh system uses the same Wi-Fi name irrespective of how many Mesh pack (units) you have connected.

MW3 supports up to 5 units, so if need be you can update the mesh depending on the area you need to cover. MW3 pack of 3 easily covers 3500 sq-ft area.

This is an excellent buy if you have Wi-Fi range related issues at your home of office. The price is also pretty affordable.

Tenda Nova MW3 3 pack price in India Rs. 10,000
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Tenda Nova MW3 2 pack price in India is Rs. 7,500
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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -