Pride T500L is a new handset launched by a well known brand – TCL. The TCL Pride T500L is another qualcomm snapdragon 1.5GHz octa core powered smartphone running lollipop with 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage. This handset is priced at 10,499 available exclusively on

Box pack
Content : Handset, travel charger (rating unknown) , data cable, good quality earphone, user guide and warranty card. SAR value : 0.533 W/kg head and 0.723 W/kg body.

TCL Pride T500L handset is slim (dimensions – 69.77 x 139.80 x 8.36) , light weight – 130 grams with built in battery. Body is made of plastic, grey coloured with matte finish and shiny silver parallel borders on the sides.

TCL Pride T500L review and unboxing

Handset is extremely comfortable to hold and operate. Power button and volume rocker is on the right side, audio jack is on the top and mic, micro USB and speaker out vent are at the bottom. The rear side is grey colored with circular textures that begins from the camera and moves all the way down. This not only gives an elegant, unique look but also helps get a good grip.

TCL Pride T500L design and build quality

This is a dual SIM handset, there are 2x micro SIM slots and a 1x micro SD card slot. 4G/3G/2G works on SIM Slot 1 and SIM slot 2 supports 2G only.

TCL Pride T500L dual micro SIM slots

There is LED notification but the LED lights up only when handset is connected to a power source.

T500L is loaded with accelerometer, light, proximity, gyro and magnetic sensors.

TCL Pride T500L sports a 5 inch IPS screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Colour reproduction, viewing angles and touch response are good.

TCL Pride T500L 5 inch FHD screen

Memory, Storage and OS
There is 2GB RAM and 16GB storage. On the first boot you will get around 11GB free space and about 1.2GB free RAM. Apps by default are getting installed on external storage. OTG is supported.

64 bit Android 5.0.2 is running out of the box with customized UI. The UI needs more polishing to make the handset perform even better. Some unwanted apps does come pre-installed, but you can remove them easily.

TCL Pride T500L review and handson

Handset is powered by qualcomm snapdragon 615 64 bit octa core chipset clocked at 1.5GHz coupled with Adreno 405 GPU. I did not find any major issues, performance was smooth, though very occasionally there was a mild lag – as mentioned the UI needs more tweaking.


  • Quadrant – 12300
  • Antutu (32 bit) – 1st time 27352, 2nd time 26637
  • Nenamark 2 – 57.1fps
  • Internal storage Speed – Read (91 MB/s), Write (12 MB/s)
  • Multi Touch – 5 Point.

Asphalt 8 got installed on external storage. I tried playing in high visual quality mode, game was playable but at higher levels you will find it lagging a bit, the game played well in medium visual quality mode.

There is 13MP primary camera with LED flash on the rear and a 8MP camera on the front. QR scanner comes built in. Rear camera can shoot FHD videos at 20fps (check the sample at bottom). Camera quality is average there is scope of improvement (software). Do check the sample images and videos shot using this handset at the end of this review.

TCL Pride T500L 13MP AF camera

The TCP Pride T500L also comes with a new Eye-D security feature that scans your eyes and will use it as an input to unlock this smartphone. To register you will need to scan your eyes for first time – the front camera will switch on and you will need to look at the screen and place you face (your eyes) within the rectangle box. You will need to get your face at about 20 to 25 cms nearer to the front camera for better results.

This option works even in dark environments as the display will light up your face and eye. It is a good option, but it takes time computing and gets a bit boring after sometime, so users would ultimately move back to the traditional unlocking method.

Speaker sound is loud and clear, no issues found with in-call sound quality. Network signal was stable – 4G, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth worked well.

This handset houses a 3050 mAh non-removable battery. The battery performance is good you can expect about 4 to 6 hours of continuous moderate to heavy usage on a single charge. I got almost 2 days of battery backup with mixed usage. Handset heat up is also under control max temp encountered was 41 degrees.

TCL Pride T500L 3050 mAh battery

Battery Performance

  • Ran Benchmark for 19 minutes battery % dropped by 6 and battery temp was 41 degrees.
  • Played Asphalt 8 for 22 minutes battery dropped by 9% and temp was 41 degrees.
  • Watched FHD video with full brightness (WiFi on) for 23 minutes battery dropped by 6% and temp was 38 degrees.
  • Handset charging (wall charge) 4 hours 20 minutes from 0% to 100%.

The TCL Pride T500L is another Snapdragon 615 octa core powered smartphone with decent specs. The main attraction is that the handset is light weight and comfortable to hold. Performance is smooth, though a mild laggy at times (needs software tweak) and it does take time to charge the battery.

A good option for ₹10,499.

Rating [3.5 out of 5] cannot use decimals in rating box below.

TCL Pride T500L is available exclusively on

Image Gallery

Rear Camera Sample

Front Camera Sample

Video Review

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  1. BAD News !!!

    I just confirmed with Reliance Mobile Store – they said Reliance is shutting down its CDMA operations by 30th June 2016 and switching over to 4G-GSM (LTE). So, CDMA users will have to switch over to GSM SIM card and also change their handset to GSM ones. Don’t know about R-CDMA network’s closure in other parts of India, but at least in Karnataka R-CDMA SIM cards would no longer work after June 30th 2016 !!!


  2. Gogi ji please confirm does it support CDMA SIM like MTS, RELIANCE? A very few cdma handsets are there in the market. It will be a good one if it supports.

  3. @Mihir and CDMA lover’s:Disappointing heartbreaking news RCOM has started scaling down it’s CDMA services where maximum in several areas of Bengal circle they have shut down their RCDMA Towers and it is said that the same will happen Pan India wise soon.

    1. Update – “Gud news” frnds : I yesterday eve went to Reliance Store in my Hosur(T.N) to get confirmation whether they are really gonna stop RCDMA services any time soon???They straight away said no and asked me who spread you these rumour’s? I replied in Bengal circle Rcdma has shut down it’s CDMA services so there are several speculations that the same will happen Pan India wise soon.

      He replied that may be Bengal circle is an loss making circle that’s why they closed it down but that’s not the case in T.N circle where Rcom CDMA Data card and Mobile business are somewhat ok and doing gud nowadays in T.N,all these RCDMA services shutting down news are just rumours and further added that RCOM has nearly bought MTS and in our Reliance Store as u r now seeing we hav also started offering MTS plans and Dongles to subscribers now,all we received is a mail from Rcom that they are gonna launch 4G LTE services soon some time in March/April with the help of MTS 800 Mhz CDMA spectrum and several sharing deals with RJIO where for Rjio and Rcom would both share their networks and for LTE Voice services we are gonna install necessary equipments in RCDMA/MTS towers locations likewise operators doing in U.S and then he added that already work process is going on where there are several new separate Rcom LTE Towers installation process started apart from the RCOM/MTS CDMA towers.

      After hearing his explanation,I took a long deep breath & said thank You & left the store. So Friends don’t worry RCom max won’t shut down it’s CDMA services anytime soon,may be later by 2021 it would shut down or use MTS contagious 5 Mhz CDMA spectrum for offering CDMA services which has license till 2033/2034!

  4. Why TCL is bringing phone by its name when they already selling phone by the brand alcatel
    This is quite confusing

  5. Why the hell companies are not releasing CDMA mobiles? !!
    Don’t they see the market for these? ?
    Even if some one like htc releases it, they won’t be in a common man’s reach.
    This is very disappointing.
    Hope someone listens these requests.

    1. @Nishad: I think it’s all because Companies would hav to pay Royalty fees if they include CDMA in each and every handset and it would also cost them extra to include the required CDMA radios along with GSM radios.In India Cdma market is very low wen compared to GSM penetration that’s the max reason the companies neglect to include CDMA support in their handset.

  6. considering these specs i request coolpad to increase the price of coolpad note 3 as it has better specification but pretty less price

  7. its nothing but a rebranded alcatel idol 3 from us with the same rom even no changes

    1. @Raj: Link is not working it says “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it” so pls upload the correct link,for ex see my link: after uploading in tinypic you should copy and paste the link mentioned below the Title “URL for E-mail & IM”…

    1. @Mihir: It may support CDMA but Max will not support EVDO REV B likewise Infocus M810 which has powerful SD801 which has EVDO REV B.Anyway if you click Locate the nearest store by entering pin code for TCL T500L PRIDE in Rcom website under smartphone section then I could find one store in your Bangalore with the following address: CREATIVE INFOCOMM,78/2,HOSUR MAIN ROAD, NEAR BUSSTOP,BOMMANAHALLI, BANGALORE-68 with store name listed as RMS but no phone num mentioned for that store though not very sure abt availability of TCL T500L PRIDE in this store: Try searching by entering your area pin code in Rcom website if only if you are buy this TCL T500L PRIDE but pls remember that it Max won’t hav Evdo REV B support likewise Infocus M810.

      1. untill I will fully sure about rev b in tcl pride, I am not going to buy..because do not know, it supports rev b or not..I am happy with htc one not want to take chance..By the way my mother is Using infocus M810 and one of my friend who is a mobile phone dealer made me understand how to rectify heating and battery issue in infocus m810..and now my mom infocus m810 is working like heating issue and good battery back Now I will 110% recommend you for infocus m810..

        1. @Mihir: But previously u said that u sold your Infocus M810,anyway could u pls share the idea how did you solved the heating issues in your Infocus M810???I thought Infocus M810 would hav “Fastcharge support”(For Ex: My Yuphoria has Fast Charge 1.0 support where it takes only one and hours to charge) but it seems like it doesn’t as Gogi in his Infocus M810 review has mentioned that Infocus M810 takes 2hrs 36 Mins to full from 7% to 100%,has no Gorilla Glass 3 protection, delivers up to 3 hours of continuous moderate to heavy usage. Battery backup is not that great but with normal operations it could give backup of over 24 hours and also has mentioned that Loudspeaker sound is a little lower than as experienced on other smartphones but acceptable.Keeping the negatives aside,I am gonna surely buy Infocus M810 during snapdeal Republic Day offers just becaus no company would tend to give SD801 at an amazing price.If u want you invest in TCL T500L PRIDE only if it’s 100% percent confirmed that TCL T500L PRIDE supports Evdo REV B SUPPORT,gud luck!

          1. I have purchased 2 handset of infocus M810 one for me and second one for my mother..since my mother is not heavy user so she is ok with phone because of its beautiful look and build quality..I have sold out mine..Now how to overcome from heating issue..first take the back up of your contact or whatever you want to take, switch off the phone and connect your phone to laptop using data cable. after that press power and volume up button together for 5 or 6 second, A recovery menu will appear, after that go to recovery by using volume button and select wipe data and select yes and after selection press power button to enter, your phone will be totally wiped out.. Again on the same screen select wipe cache and press power button to enter..wait for cache wipe out and then reboot your phone..after doing this procedure I am not facing any heating issue and getting very good battery back up also…

          2. @Mihir:Thank you inbetween today is a very sad day for us,pls refer my above mentioned cmnt.

        2. @Mihir: Why don’t you try buying Oneplus X as in Oneplus Official Global site it is mentioned that EU/Indian Oneplus X supports GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz
          TDD-LTE: Bands 38/40
          WCDMA: Bands 1/2/5/8
          FDD-LTE: Bands 1/3/5/7/8/20
          CDMA EVDO – : and there are high chances that it supports Evdo REV B because it’s got SD801 likewise INFOCUS M810 :

          But still none confirmed abt it having CDMA/Evdo support,so if only if you wish try buying Oneplus X from Amazon India where u can return the handset if it incase it doesn’t have CDMA/EVDO support because Amazon has sweet no qns asked whatsoever 10 days return policy where u itself can create the return request.Buy and try it at your own risk if only if you wish,pls don’t blame me if incase anything goes wrong.

          1. I have already checked with one plus x..One of my friend having this phone,,cdma sim does not detect in this phone..

          2. Oh I see then I wonder why Oneplus has intentionally mentioned as if it supports CDMA??Anyway thanks for the confirmation!

        1. @Raj:Pls share screenshots showing TCL T500L PRIDE having EVDO REV B support i.e download speeds above 5Mbps and also post the screenshot pics having CDMA/Evdo options in settings and lastly share the photos of your TCL T500L PRIDE Retail Box where it shows CDMA/EVDO support mentioned in Retail Box. All our doubts will be clarified,thanks in advance!

        2. @Raj, I really want to buy this phone..could you please confirm it support rev will be great help for me..kindly help regarding this with sharing a rev b screen shot..thanks a lot

    1. I am not using CDMA and on box nothing is mentioned about CDMA, anyway which service are you using?

        1. @Raj: Lolz I was typing my cmnt to ask u the same Qn but after posting I found the ans that you’re indeed an RCDMA user likewise me.In CDMA,whether is it locked only to use RCDMA as it is mentioned on Rcom website?? Does it supports Evdo REV B???I don’t think it supports Evdo REV B.Which Circle do you belong to???By the way could u pls post the screenshot of TCL T500L PRIDE supporting Rcdma Network in Tiny pic website and post it out here for us,which would really be helpful.Sry for asking too many qns becaus in Snapdeal only 7 of them hav reviewed TCL T500L PRIDE but I am unable to open those SD reviews which seems like SD has blocked specifically TCL T500L Reviews which now has a MRP TO BE ANNOUNCED Tag,hope u understand the problem thanks in advance!

    2. @Raj: Wat really R u sure but why do they didn’t mention CDMA support on the box???As Gogi questioned which CDMA service you are using?? ?Pls Gogi buy Reliance CDMA RUIM Diamond sim from near by Reliance store for reviewing purposes,it would hav been easy now for u to check personally and confirmed us for your beloved followers,I am not insisting you to buy RCDMA sim,it’s just a friendly request,hope u understand!

          1. It’s completely strange to hear that in Gogi’s box there is no mention of CDMA support whereas in Raj’s Box there is mention of CDMA support very much confused.

  8. @Gogi: Thanks for the review but there are many of them saying that TCL T500L PRIDE is an CDMA+LTE Handset hence I too believed it,anyway the links which lead to my confusion are below:

    1)Snapdeal Reliance Evdo Unlimited data free for 3 months offer if you buy TCL PRIDE T500L 4G:

    2) Listed on RCOM website that it is an CDMA+LTE handset:

    After seeing your review Gogi,I am sure that it’s not an Cdma+LTE Handset where you would hav clearly mentioned it it incase had CDMA support but I still wonder why Snapdeal and Rcom hav wrongly listed as if TCL T500L PRIDE is an CDMA handset???Snapdeal and Rcom are totally misguiding customers…