Most of the people who have installed the Sygic Mobile Maps version 10 on their Android mobile handset have not faced any issues and were able to activate the maps without any problems. However there are a few who probably were using an older Android version and have not been able to activate the maps because the device ID is not being displayed.

The Sygic Mobile Maps 10 activation process is simple. When you upload the maps in the Maps folder and start the Sygic Mobile from your Android device, the maps are automatically detected but you need to activate it before you can use it.

To activate all you need to do is tap the activate button and you will be shown two options either to activate online or manually where in you will be shown the device ID and you will need to enter the activation code.

If you are trying to use a pirated copy there are several Sygic Mobile key generation software available which can generate the correct key but you need the device id. When you click the manually activate the maps option you will see the device ID which you need to punch in into the key generation software which will then create the activation key that you will need to enter in Sygic software on your phone.

Just in case if you have tried to activate the Map My India maps or any other maps via the Sygic Mobile Maps 10 app and you see a blank Device ID you will not be able to activate the maps. There is however a simple fix to this problem.

Sygic GPS Navigation software for Android phone
Sygic GPS Navigation software for Android phone

How to fix no device ID showing issue with Sygic Mobile Maps on Android Phones

  • On your Android mobile phone, look for the settings.ini file in the Sygic/Drive/Android or /Drive/Android.
  • Edit the settings.ini file with a text editor. Other option is to connect the Android phone as USB device to your PC and then find the directory and edit the settings.ini.
  • You need to add Device=imei which will make the Maps use the imei as your device ID and which will be visible when you try to activate the maps.
  • In case the [Drivers] category is not found create it as shown.
  • Save the file and in case you have edited the file on the PC upload it on the Android phone.
  • If this still does not work. Copy the while installation into the sd folder. When you connect the android device in USB drive mode just go to /sd/ this directory may be hidden but it will be there. So all the sygic files should go there. Then try the above process again.

Try the activating maps via Sygic Mobile Maps and you should see the imei as the Device ID, use it with key generation software and you should be able to active the maps successfully.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -