Today Android based handsets are getting more and more popular. On an Android phone you can surf the web, chat with your friends; update status messages on social networking sites, share images, videos and can do more. The Android phones by default have the mobile data connection switched on and depending upon the data services you have subscribed to you will be able to access the internet on 3G, EDGE or GPRS network.

Though the data connection is by default enabled, the Android OS does not have any option to disable it. This also means that even when you are not using the 3G or GPRS/EDGE services the connection is still enabled in the background and you will still see the 3G or E or G logo on the Android handset.

There are two reasons why you should disable mobile data connection services when you are not using it.

  1. Even when you are not using the 3G or 2G network some of the Android apps may be accessing the data. There is also a possibility that a certain app may malfunction and may be accessing the internet frequently.  If you have subscribed to an unlimited 3G or 2G plan then there is no issue, however if it is time or volume based plan then you need to be really careful.
  2. Another reason why I suggest you disable the 3G or 2G networks when not in use is that it will save a lot of battery. Believe me try disabling the data services for a day and see how well the battery performs. With data services completely shut off you can get twice the battery life, on some Android devices even more.

There are several Android apps available in the Android market that gives an option to completely shut off data services. I have listed out a manual method just in case you do not want to install any app to do that. The process is really simple. You can also check out my video attempting the same process listed below.

How to Disable Data Connection (3G/2G) on Android Phones
How to Disable Data Connection (3G/2G) on Android Phones

How to manually disable 3G or 2G services on your Android mobile handset

  1. Open the phone dialer
  2. Type *#*#4636#*#*
  3. Once you punch the above character and number correctly you will be taken to the Android Core settings.
  4. Look for Phone Information and tap it.
  5. Now press the menu button (on the phone) to get the menu list there you will find the More link.
  6. Tap the more link and you will find the disable/enable data connection and disable/enable data on boot options. You can choose from any one of these options.

I prefer the disable data connection. Once done you will find the 3G or E or G data icon missing in the status bar which indicates the data services are disabled.

To enable follow the same process or simply reboot the Android phone.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -