Swipe Telecom now joins the dual core tablet bandwagon by launching a dual core tablet for a price tag of Rs. 11,490. This 8 inch tab will run on JB OS over a dual core processor. The Velocity tab has not yet been listed on the Swipe Telecom website, but will be within few days.

The Swipe Velocity tab weighs at around 330 grams and is power packed with a cortex A9 dual core processor and probably with Mali 400 GPU. This tab sports an 8 inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels and 5 point multi touch support.

There are two cameras a front 1.3 MP for video chats and a 2MP rear for normal photography. The Velocity comes with 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage and micro SD card slot that can hold up to 32GB cards.

The tab runs on the Android Jelly Bean version 4.1.1 which should give a smoother performance on the dual core processor with 1GB RAM. The company claims over 9 hours of backup on a single charge via the 4500 mAh battery.

The price of Rs. 11,490 seems quite tempting and could compete with the Wammy Athena – price wise, though Athena does come with some enhanced features with a higher price tag.

dual core swipe velocity tablet

Swipe Velocity tab key features and Specifications

  • Dual core with Mali 400 GPU.
  • Jelly Beam – Android 4.1.1 OS.
  • 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage and micro SD card support.
  • Dual cameras 2 MP rear and 1.3 MP front.
  • Wi-Fi, external 3G support via dongle, mini USB and 3.5mm jack.
  • 4500 mAh battery with over 9 hours of usage time.
  • Price Rs. 11,490.
  • Where to buy? From Swipe Telecom Store click here.

Published by Gogi Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in

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  1. The name says it all! Multitasking just got better with this one!
    Good job swipe team hats off to you guys 🙂

  2. Hi Gogi, can u tell if the GPU in cosmic tab, wammy desire and swipe velocity are Mali 400 mp4 or Mali 400 mp2. And if Mali 400 mp4 is better than Tegra 3. As for me price is not a matter so I am considering Nexus 7 or the above tabs as Gaming is the top priority.

    1. I am a little surprised that anyone for whom price is not important should ever consider buying an unbranded tablet! Without knowing the fine details, I’m dead sure gaming or anything else is vastly better on the ipad mini or nexus 7 than any unbranded tablet. Among lesser known brands, the ainol flame(retailing for around 11,000 rs) seems an excellent buy and apparently has a performance that rivals the nexus itself in spite of more modest specifications. You might also wait for an quad-core 8-incher to be released by zync by the end of February if you’re keen about the 8 inch 4:3 geometry. I’ll be interested in gogi’s answer to your question as well!

      1. I was confused as budget tabs around 15000 like iberry auxus core x4 3g and wammy magnus have 1.5 GHz quad core, a bit higher than nexus 7 (1.3GHz) and offer 2 GB RAM. And since gaming was the top priority, I didn’t want to go with the wrong GPU. By the way, Magnus runs PowerVR SGX544 having 8 cores with single core of 200MHz.

        1. Frankly, i’m not a gamer and don’t know much about that side of it. but the info you have given me is interesting, thanks. I think ainol flame has a dual-core cpu but quad-core gpu. not 100% sure, but there are a lot of vids on the internet comparing the flame to the nexus. some have even claimed that some benchmarks are higher on the flame. at any rate, it seems a very good purchase at the price. ainol have also released some quad-core tablets recently. the corona has a 9.7 inch retina screen, a quad-core processor(mali 400 probably) and 2 gb ram. something called the ainol dream has similar specs but an 8 inch screen. the ainol venus is also quad-core for under 10 k. none of them have bluetooth. a chinese company called ployer has tablets with dual core cpus but quad-core gpus which they ship to india(also with bluetooth 4.0 but lower res screens) their 8 incher may cost just over 10 k if you are willing to take the risk of buying from china. but generally, i don’t think any unbranded product is likely to have a either a tegra processor or a 4.2 update for at least another 6 months. mali 400 and 4.1(fast but buggy and unstable) might be the best you can hope for. so if you insist on android and not ios and don’t want to wait, the nexus might be your best choice. samsung’s 16:9 8-incher also has similar specs as the nexus 7 except 2 gb ram and it probably will have microsd extendabiliy. not sure when it will be released though or for what price.

    2. Tegra 3 is better. As for mali 400 it has 4 cores so MP4 and MP2 is the number of core used. On quad core tab Mali 400 4 cores are used.

  3. gogi, the 2 main selling points seem to be the IPS screen(not listed in the main specs you have given) and the very low weight(just 330 gms apparently) and sleek build making it super-ergonomic. The irritating features are lack of bluetooth(that is no longer acceptable even in budget tablets) and the price which is a bit high considering that zync will be launching a quad-core 8 gb piece(probably with bluetooth) for under 15 k by february end. Nice tablet for multimedia and gaming but would have been better at around 9k. Also, I wish they’d gone with ICS instead of 4.1.1 for the OS. 4.1.1 is buggy and quirky and many apps work less smoothly(which is why, among other things, google applied the 4.2 update) 4.2 may be great but 4.1.1 is really unstable and unsatisfactory. I hope zync at least show more sense and launch their 8 gb quad-core piece with ICS instead of 4.1.1 Other nice features for the zync 8-incher would be a high-res IPS screen(more than 1024×768), bluetooth 4.0 and a 6500 maH battery(at least, considering the quad-core processor) for about 13.5 k with weight under 400 gms. That’ll be a grand deal.

  4. I cant connect reliance zte MF 190 3G datacard with my velocity tab. Its always show error to connect network selection. Plz tell me I am using this datacard with Vodafone sim.

  5. Hi gogi, should i go with Karbonn velox or Swipe Velocity. I need a tab for Gaming and Browsing or i should for zync z1000 waiting for your reply, thanks.

    1. Not checked either but Karbonn velox looks better price wise, but we do not know about the GPU yet.

  6. Finally the much awaited Velocity Tab. Great to see that the Swipe team has launched this tab on much demand and it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

  7. Hi Gogi,
    I want to buy the 7 inch tablet and I am confused between Swipe Velocity and Wammy Desire 7.
    Kindly recommend which is the better product w.r.t the following parameter
    1. Build Quality.
    2. Screen resolution.
    3. Good Life (Most of the occasion the tablet will be used for eBook reading Music and Browsing)
    4. Multi Tasking.
    5. Better Customer Support.
    6. Good Sound Quality.

    I am planning to purchase product in next 4-5 days.

    Mithil Shukla.

    1. Hi Gogi,

      I am as eager as Mithil to know the same. Please tell us which one’s better of the two as am planning to purchase. Also tell us which product and service is reliable of the two.

      Awaiting your response. Thanks in advance.


      1. Hi its the same hardware one is 7 inch and other is 8 inch. You can go for any, does not matter. And both are providing Jelly bean OS. Between Swipe velocity / Wammy desire, I will go with desire as the price different is too much (between 7 and 8 inch).

        1. Hi Gogi,

          Thank you for your response and good advice.
          Hmm..But one question… Isn’t it true that some features are better in the velocity (eg: Camera – though i know its useless to discuss cam features in tablets…but what about display 8 inch IPS vs 7 inch) also isn’t the desire under clocked at 1.4 ghz when the velocity claims 1.6ghz. Just some concerns with the specs because in your reviews we saw that the processor was clocked at 1.4 ghz for desire and 1.6ghz for athena…could velocity be a similar configuration as the athena??

          One more concern is the brand? I know we are talking about Indian branded chinese tablets but service and reliability wise is Wicked Leak better than Swipe? Have you come across issues with the desire tab that we should know before buying the same. Please advice.

          Awaiting your response. Thanks in advance

          1. Vicky, I have revived the desire, not yet checked the Velocity tab, but the hardware will be the same. As for Clock speed some manufacturers add the CPU+GPU+VPU and some just mention the CPU. Camera just ignore it, as long as it under 3MP. Swipe and Wickedleak both are new but I found Wickedleak’s after sales support much better.

  8. I Recently purchased this tablet. I love this Tablet it look great as performance also very good. Though this is my First Tab so I can’t compare it with other tab but viewing angle and speed is good though I am a little concern about Battery Life, it give around 4-4.5 Hr Life for Gaming and Browsing performance wise I am satisfied with it.

  9. Dear Gogi, I have shortlisted three tablets to buy. will you please help me to decide which one is better option. MILAGROW 7.16C (with sim), Zync Z1000 and Swipe Velocity dual core. I am waiting for your reply so that I can purchase as soon as possible.

      1. But there is no any support locations are given by zync if the product gest faulty then you have to send the tablet to company and wait if you are living nearby the zync company then go for zync otherwise swipe has major presence for support locations and in terms of features and quality of products.

        1. I agree with you all major location Support available for product also performance wise it show great strength.

  10. gogi ji can u tell me as compare this swipe velocity with zync 1000 9.7 inch tablet ,this swipe velocity is good buy or zync1000 according to features and brand and service centers and also this tab does’nt have 3G/2g built in simslot

  11. gogi ji can u tell me as compare this swipe velocity with zync 1000 9.7 inch tablet ,this swipe velocity is good buy or zync1000 according to features and brand and service centers and also this tab does’nt have 3G/2g built in simslot

  12. Dear Gogi
    Please don’t compare any mobile or tablets with Wammy (Wickdleak )until you have good handson experience with the Wammy products.

    1. Wicked Leak is fraud.They sell used tablets.You have to wait till eternity after placing online order.The so called ‘wicked leak’ company is run from a home by couple of guys.True to its name they are indeed ‘wicked’ and sell ‘leaked’ chinese tablels.When encountered with serious charges of fraud they give threats in form of ‘wicked leak Legal team’ There is no legal advisory of this third grade scamsters.So if any one you have got defective piece,go ahead and screw the happiness of Wicked leak.Lot of complaints against them at various online forum. The Online shopping cart is pathetic,it will be shut down in couple of months as inquiry into fraud will be initiated against them.Stay away from wicked scamster