ADCOM Apad 721C tablet with built in 3G for Rs. 9250

The ADCOM Apad 721C is another 7 inch tablet with built in 3G SIM slot with call support running on Android 4.0.4 OS over a 1.5 GHz Allwinner A10 CPU. The tablet comes for a price of about Rs. 9,250.

The ADCOM Apad 721C is just like any other Cortex A8 Allwinner A10 powered tablet but with slightly modified features that separates it from the rest, however the price, I feel, is a bit too high. The tab runs on ICS OS and sports a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen.

The features that make the 721C unique are dual cameras (front VGA and a rear 2MP), built in SIM slot that will work with 2G or 3G networks, Bluetooth and 1GB RAM 512MB RAM. The 7 inch screen supports 800×480 pixels with 5 point multi touch.

The tab is 9mm thin and also comes with Wi-Fi, mini USB, 3.5mm jack, HDMI port, SMS / MMS support, G-sensors and micro SD card support. This ADCOM tablet gets power from a 3500 mAh Li-Po battery that as per the company gives a usage time of about 5 hours.

ADCOM Apad 721C review
Technically the same A10 allwinner cpu with 1GB RAM 512MB RAM, built in SIM slot and Bluetooth but overpriced at around 9K. The problem with tabs with built in 3G is the battery backup that is considerably lower as mentioned by the company, especially when using 3G, 247.

Adcom Apad 721c review

Adcom Apad 721c phone call features

ADCOM Apad 721C Key Features and Specifications

  • Allwinner A10 Cortex A8 processor clocked at 1.5GHz (total including Mali 400 GPU’s processing power).
  • Built in 3G/2G SIM Slot.
  • Android 4.0.4 (ICS) OS.
  • 1GB 512MB DDR3 RAM, 4GB internal storage and micro SD card slot.
  • 7 inch capacitive multi touchscreen with 800×480 pixels resolution.
  • 2MP rear and 0.3 MP front cameras. Video recording is supported.
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, HDMI and phone calling feature.
  • Can play full 1080p movies.
  • 3500 mAh battery with about 5 hours of internet browsing time.
  • Price Rs. 9,250.

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  1. ashok says

    Im not able to connect through my SIM in the apad.
    I’ve checked the SIM with other phones. It is working perfectly.
    But Apad doesnt even recognise.
    I tried creating a APN,but not able to save it.

    Could someone help me connecting through the apad.

  2. Damo says

    how to reset the adcom tablet externally due to wrong pattern i cant able to enter plz help

  3. happy says

    Hey Gogi ADCOM Apad 721C tablet have sim slot or not..and there r no need of external dongle for internet in 721c thats right..

  4. bobby says

    finally received adam 721c yesterday.. my observation
    is …
    processing is slow as compared to 3 yrs old apple 3gs on ios6
    touch screen is good..
    display is good…
    sound is low…
    wifi reception is weak …
    while using live wall papers system slows down to near zero speed..
    phone dialer don’t accept USSD code… returns error…
    real configuration is
    back cam 2mp box says 3.2 mega pixel
    front cam .03 vga box says 1.3 mega pixel
    processors is definitely not 1.5 ghz may be lower ram is the reason…
    ram 512mb for sure…
    don’t know if 7799 offer price from homeshop18 is good enough or their is something better in market for similar configuration…

      • bobby says

        Connectivity with gsm sim is very poor just. Tried with idea sim, although full signal but it shows no network.

        • bobby says

          And one thing more gogi bhai… yeh to na insafi ho gayi… 721c is just 306 mb ram… just tested with various android apps on its store… even system shows 306… but Adcom people don’t admit that .. saying there is no such method to check Ram installed,informed hs18 about this, want to them to escalate this issue with manufacturer .. let’c… do you have any android apps to check hardware configurations that adcom accepts as proof…

          • gogi says

            You will never get the full RAM, you need to total up the free and used RAM which will be less that what is mentioned cause some is used by the OS. For example with 512MB RAM you will get around 400 to 450 MB usable of which 200 to 250 MB will be free.

            • bobby says

              I know but I am getting just 307mb in total out of which android shows settings>apps>running = 166mb used and 141 free.. and tried turning off many applications but no use and many other android tools apps show same value.. mailed that issue to the manufacturer helpdesk… they just don’t reply
              and processor detected is softwinner a7 where promised is allwinner a10… kya karu yaar… sab big fraud hai..

            • bobby says

              Just had a telephonic chat with apad support they said that they have divided 512mb ram into system cache that is used by graphic processors thus its don’t show more than 307mb of available ram for applications. Is it right thing to do.. or are they just kidding me.?.

                • bobby says

                  Thanks gogi bhai.. just goggled that its say its the ics and gpu mali that eats up 200mb of ram.. ics on 512mb ram device is an under performing system..

                • bobby says

                  Gogi bhai is there any way I can downgrade to ginger bread , this 721c is useless with ics with just 300 mb available for apps. Its now exposed every where that its 512mb model not 1gb .

  5. KB says

    Dear Gogi,

    Which one is the best dual / quad-core processor & chipset combination for sub 15k category tablets..


  6. Jagannath Nayak says

    Hi, Gogi your articles are so easy and easy to understand. So, can you give a list of tablets which has built in 3G with call support?

  7. Koushik says

    Dear Gogi,

    Are there any dual core tablets in India which use Mediatek processors, e.g. MTK 6577 or atleast MTK 6575. If not, please suggest from where I can get one…


  8. Joel says

    Hi Gogi, If you are traveling, then you may be switching between 2G & 3G networks. In that case, browsing will be possible in both the networks, or else work only in 3G network areas . Plz clarify.

    • gogi says

      Thanks right Joel, when 3G is available it will be used, when not the next alternate networking EDGE or GPRS will be used.

  9. Rajiv says

    Hi Gogi,
    Please review Swipe Velocity Tab… Its specs are 8 inch HD IPS display with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, 1GB RAM, 2MP rear camera and 1.3MP front camera, DUAL CORE Cortex A9 processor, Android Jelly Bean, 8GB storage, 4,500 mAh battery.

  10. dinesh says

    Hey Gogi your YouTube videos are best.
    I want to buy a tablet of 7″-9″ size range.but I need minimum features like.
    1. Minimum 768 resolution screen.
    2. 1gb of ram and more than 1ghz processor which can run temple run game smoothly.
    3. Dual camera.
    4. Inbuilt 3g sim slot which is as similar in mobile phone which can use for both 2g/3g .
    5. Compatible with external pen drive and keyboard.
    6. Most important price should not exceed 10k. Please reply as early as possible.