An Israeli technology company, StoreDot has developed a special charger and battery that can drastically reduce the recharge time to just about 30 seconds. Yes the smartphone can be fully charged from low % to 100% in just 30 seconds.

For now the company has designed a prototype charger / battery especially for Samsung Galaxy S4 handset but later on they will make the chargers for many other smartphone brands/models. In an interview with Wall Street Journal StoreDot had revealed that the technology will cost 2x the price of a regular charger.

When it comes to smartphones most of the users have issues with the low battery life. As of now phone manufactures have not been able to drastically enhance the battery performance. If the battery backup is low but if it can be fully charged within few seconds I guess most of the phone users will be okay with that.

storedot battery charger - charge mobile  in 30 seconds

The StoreDot Company also revealed that the product will be commercially available in 2016. The company has also put up a video demonstrating the recharge process from 27 to 100% in just about 30 seconds, check it out.

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  1. Hi I agreed wit ur point of view but see dude itz a science and technology era…evrythg is posible..they need time coz they will make it commercial. ..behind this tech there is powerful and incredible nano material called Graphene which is pure graphite invented by a two Russian scientist and even they received Noble price in physics in 2010…So with this Graphene life will change like hell….U better search what we could do with Graphene.. Atleast have some kinda courtesy of appreciation in someone effort instead of looking in darker side of the scenario…hope u done mind..Thanks

  2. Hello silly people….itz true and I’ll work and the battery will last long for a day or more because this tech is all about a nano material called “GRAPHENE” better research in google by typing what is Graphene…

  3. good…I am planning to buy my next smartphone in 2016 only…. at present. I am happy with my 6Month old Xolo 600….

    1. 2016? Can’t wait for such a long time. Better go for extra battery right now:-)

  4. Gogi, I think it is fake and I’ll tell you why.

    First of all, the device charges battery so why are they concentrating only on the mobile chargers? They have chosen just the mobile chargers because people are more concerned about mobile phone batteries. But it could have well been used for other pretty useful devices like UPS, inverters and can also be used in hospitals, airports etc. and there is no such word from them. Only mobile chargers?

    Second thing, they say they will introduce commercially in 2016 then why did they show the video in early 2014 and what are they gonna do for 3 years? If they need so much time in development and R&D then they should have released this video after their development is nearing the completion stage.

    Third thing, they have not showcased this in any of the Tech Expo or Mobile Expo, instead they have chosen their own website, why?

    I think that the company is bogus just like many which follow the same strategy. They show something unique and appealing for the mass on their website and then ask people for donations for further research. People then blindly donate and invest as well and then suddenly one day they all are gone.

    I know an Indian girl has invented a quick charger but no company is interested in that because her invention is theoretically possible but practically not possible.

    Whats your say?

    1. Amol ji , as the technology goes this is possible, I just bumped on this site an amazing things I have to say, this storedot product will work as I have practically seen this development in Israel.
      Very intresting thing you have mentioned is an Indian girl who has developed this, if you are sure and you know her you can pick up the product from her and I will ensure the market for you, I have been in telecom industry for the past 4 years.
      I am there only vendor for an exclusive product from USA.

      Kalkis Inc

  5. Is this copy of Esha khare’s fast charging capacitors. they copy her innovation. esha is the first who made this type of charger.

  6. Sir
    I am using micromax a89 (4.0) ics handset.
    My budget is rs:8000
    I am planing to buy xolo a510s. (4.2.2) jelly bean with 1 gb ram.
    Is it a good decision.
    Or u should wait for new budget models?

    1. gogi just published a blog abt irisPro 406q…except for screen Other specs are very good …better go for that handset…and if screen size matters for you then go for xolo q 800. it is available on indiatimes for rs 8000

  7. most of the people wil be happy about dis news…especially 4 indians…bcz they r facing the prblm of battery backup….hey gogi wil it available 4 india

  8. It is something called hot charging. It will charge your phone very fast but I am sure the battery will not last for more days.