An Israeli technology company, StoreDot has developed a special charger and battery that can drastically reduce the recharge time to just about 30 seconds. Yes the smartphone can be fully charged from low % to 100% in just 30 seconds.

For now the company has designed a prototype charger / battery especially for Samsung Galaxy S4 handset but later on they will make the chargers for many other smartphone brands/models. In an interview with Wall Street Journal StoreDot had revealed that the technology will cost 2x the price of a regular charger.

When it comes to smartphones most of the users have issues with the low battery life. As of now phone manufactures have not been able to drastically enhance the battery performance. If the battery backup is low but if it can be fully charged within few seconds I guess most of the phone users will be okay with that.

storedot battery charger - charge mobile  in 30 seconds

The StoreDot Company also revealed that the product will be commercially available in 2016. The company has also put up a video demonstrating the recharge process from 27 to 100% in just about 30 seconds, check it out.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -