The Spice Illusion S-9090 is a basic phone running on the Spice proprietary software and comes for a premium price of under Rs. 9,500. Will you spend around 10K just for the see-though display?

What is so unique about the Spice S-9090?
The Spice phone looks like any other ordinary phone until one looks at the display screen.  It has got a see-through display; in other words – it’s transparent. The S-9090 makes use of the OLED technology that makes see-though possible.

The OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode can display content like any other LCD screen except that it does not require any backlight. The OLED can also achieve higher contrast ratio as compared with other LCD screens in low light environment. It is this transparent OLED that makes the spice handset unique at the same time, pricy.

The Spice Illusion S-9090 handset looks pretty simple with a 2.4 inch transparent display screen. When you look at the handset it seems like a dummy unit, that is because of the screen, you can see through it and seems like glass. But that’s the beauty.

The keypad also looks impressive and blends well with the overall design. There is a 2MP camera on the rear side just below the transparent display area. These transparent screen take up a lot of space, they need dedicated area in front as well as on the rear side, which means there is no scope of adding any hardware in that particular area.

If you look at the handset the power house is within the bottom area which includes the processor, battery, motherboard, other components and the alphanumeric keypad.

Spice Illusion S-9090 review - transparent see through display (OLED)

Illusion S-9090 keypad

Spice Illusion S-9090 Key features and specifications

  • Single SIM 2G (GSM) handset running on Spice proprietary OS.
  • The handset is of dimension 120.5×48.5×13.1mm.
  • Screen size is 2.4 inches with 320×240 pixels resolution with 262K colours.
  • There is internal memory that can hold up to 1000 contacts. T-Flash memory cards of up to 8GB are supported.
  • Supports: 2G, GPRS, Bluetooth 2.1, FM radio with recording, SNS and USB.
  • Multi format media player supports MP4, 3GP, MP3 and MIDI files.
  • 2MP rear camera without flash. Camera features are digital zoom, night vision, multi shot and video recording. The rear camera can also be used as a webcam when you connect it with the PC.
  • The battery is 650 mAh Li-Ion with standby time of about 10 days and talktime of about 2 hours.

Spice Illusion S-9090

Illusion S-9090 review
The technology is great but the handset seems too costly. It is an ordinary handset with an extra- ordinary feature.  Well, I am not going to spend around 10K for this handset.

What do you say will you buy this handset for the OLED display? Or make a smarter move by buying an android smartphone.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -