Sony Xperia ZL quad core handset for Rs. 35990

Sony Xperia ZL comes with almost similar features as seen on the Sony Xperia Z model. The Xperia ZL is in fact cheaper than the Z model. This handset (ZL) comes for a price of Rs. 35,990.

This is a 5 inch smartphone with full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels), but the screen is scratch proof / scratch resistant coupled with Bravia Engine 2 technology for enhanced display quality. The Xperia ZL is not a water and dust proof phone like the Xperia Z.

The features are the same it’s running on Jelly Bean version 4.1 with Timescape UI, comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. This handset is not as slim (9.8mm) as Xperia Z, it even weighs a little more (151 grams). This handset too comes with Qualcomm’s 1.5GHz quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor with Adreno 320 GPU.

There is 13MP rear auto focus camera with LED flash and a front 2MP camera. The camera and the camera features are the same as found on the Z model. Connectivity options are also identical – 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, GPS (GLONASS/A-GPS), micro USB, 3.5mm jack, NFC and FM radio.

Sony Xperia ZL

The battery on the Sony Xperia ZL is of a standard 2300 mAh capacity with 10 to 13 hours talktime and up to 500 hours in standby. Check the key features and specifications of Sony Xperia Z it’s similar except for the few differences that are already mentioned above.

Price Rs. 35,990 Available on Flipkart with exclusive pre order offer for limited period only (Snap on cover  and 16GB micro SD card).

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  1. Sanjay says

    Finally I got Sony Xperia ZL and believe me it’s very good phone in terms of performance, camera, audio sound in earphone, fast internet. The only drawback I found is non-removable battery. What will happen when the phone will hang and need re-boot? Any idea Gogi ji and what will happen when battery need to be change?

    • Gogi Rana says

      Sanjaym, Many users are worried about how to reboot the phone when it gets stuck and specially when the battery is built in. Well all of the tablets that are available in the markets come with built in battery. There will be an option to reset just like on tablets. Probably press and hold the power button for a longer time and it should shutdown the phone. Usually the battery life is more than that of the handset if used property. If need be you can get a new battery from service center. Devices with non-removable battery really doesn’t mean that you cannot change the battery, it is just that the battery compartment is sealed and users cannot access it.

  2. Sanjay says

    Thanks Gogi ji for your valuable advise. I m not a gammer so I bought Xperia ZL. Before that I was using Spice Pinnacle mi 525 FHD.

  3. Sanjay says

    Gogi ji or anyone pls reply.. . one more thing …Xperia ZL or ZR, which one is better and why bcoz price r same for both……

    • Gogi Rana says


      ZR is with 4.6 inch screen with 1280x720p resolution + VGA front camera and 8GB storage.

      ZL is with 5 inch screen with 1920x1080p resolution with 2MP front camera and 16GB storage.

      Rest features / hardware is the same. Depending on what you want 4.6 inch screen or 5 inch and if you are more into gaming then ZR will be better else go for full HD resolution.

  4. Sanjay says

    Gogi ji, I just ordered online Sony xperia ZL. I just want to know Is this support OTG and how can I upgrade it from android OS 4.1 to 4.2? Please reply…..

  5. vishnu says

    I think the price range is btr for these specs. Because, it have best ui than samsng, 2gb ram , 1.5 ghz and also it have gd sound systm. Olso it have gd camera. Even the 5mp camera of sony is btr than 8mp camera of samsng… Nyc smrtphne with exclnt specs.

    • Amit says

      Samsungs interface and display is much better as compare to sony. Also price of samsung is proper and not costly as that of sony..

      • sangram says

        Most of the techies will not agree with you AMIT.
        Samsung puts too many layers over original android which is quite irritating. Sony’s UI is innovative and intuitive.

        Sony devices have Great build and that’s why people don’t mind paying a bit more for them.

        • Amit says

          and still u see Samsung’s everywhere? I do agree that sony has best hardware and quality, but still it fails to impress people mainly bcoz its not as attractive with its price and interface.

          If u look at the menu screen on sony, u will see a deep layer coat behind menu icons, which doesn’t look natural.. tats what i mainly dislike