The Sony Xperia X that was launched last year for Rs. 49K is now available for Rs. 24,990. The handset already got a price cut before and now another price cut brings the handset cost to under Rs. 25K.

Sony Xperia X is using qualcomm snapdragon 650 hexa core processor, 64 bit clocked at 1.8GHz. It is running Marshmallow over a 5 inch screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, with curved glass edges.

There is 3GB RAM, 64GB internal storage and users can use micro SD card of up to 200GB. This dual SIM handset also includes a 23MP primary camera and a 13MP secondary camera. Rear camera as well as front camera come with f/2.0 aperture and they are using Sony sensors.

Sony Xperia X price dropped

Key features are 4G LTE, 3G, 2G, GPS, WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth 4.2. There is finger print sensor too and it is uniquely placed – on the side. A 2630 mAh non-removable battery powers up this smartphone.

Sony Xperia X is now available for Rs. 24,990.

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  1. Mi 5 has one of best camera under 20k, has Sony sensor and same sensor is used in Google pixel phone

  2. Friends, for answering queries or jumping in your fight I want to comment as I’m using this phone since last 1 month.
    Bought for 30k and it was a upgrade for me after using iphone 5s for 3 years and Sony did not let me down even for a bit.
    Battery lasts for more than a day using on 4g, play games, listen to music, location always on. Beleive me I’m using in same way i was using my iphone 5s and I’m happy for the upgrade. take it for a music quality, camera both front and back, screen and color quality, no lag at all, no crash, no heating, battery lasting more than any iphone I’m way happy user of Xperia X.

    1. Well said. Many people here are complaining about the price, they wouldn’t have complained few years back when there was no chinese garbage brands like Xiaom, Gionee etc. Sony will always be a quality brand and no other company comes close to them in terms of media performance and camera.

      1. Bhai yeh sony ne jo 3gb ram di h na isme chinese competion ka haath h varna sony wale 1 gb ram hi dete

  3. the cost is very near to op3.. It has the latest chip and good camera. SONY shud have stepped down a little bit more to 17-18k. anyways I am not going to buy it even for that price!

  4. I’m very much interested to buy this Sony X dual(am looking compact and entertainment based phone), as its specs n quality impressed me, but due to hectic price stops me to buy this. Currently am using Gionee E3 for last 3 years, my 1st smartphone is Sony Ericsson Walkman WT19i. Am now looking to buy new phone, my choice is Sony X Dual, Asus Zen 5’2, Motorola Moto M.

    Pls suggest me whether choice is good to proceed or not>

    1. W8 for moto g5 n g5 plus…in 2 days later MWC 2017 Bercilona will be start..So many handsets will be shown…better to w8 till than bro…

  5. The areas where it shines practically are in the camera department and display. Triluminous display in this case. Rest is just usual affair. The current price or less could have been Sony’s actual price for this model.

  6. Sorry you don’t have clue. Sony is not worth 15 k more. plain and siMple. If not why not compare between m5 and this phone. of course sony is not bad, but not worth the price. xiaomi does last. I have 1.5 year old redmi 2 going great. Finally look at sales find the winner. If sony goes like this, they will exit from mobile space.

  7. Sony is good at camera lens and sensors only, unfortunately the software optimisation for camera is below average. most Chinese handset makers use Sony sensors and give better picture quality then Sony itself. the only other part Sony makes LCD display and battery…which is nothing great.

      1. Mi 5 has one of best camera under 20k, has Sony sensor and same sensor is used in Google pixel phone which is currently best camera phone in market.

        1. I’m sorry but Xperia X has 23 mp sensor and it is one of the highest ranked camera on a phone. Mi5 does not even come close.

  8. Poor sony,,,, final stages,,,,, as they want to decide to make huge profits from old specs. With brand mania,,,, they r digging thier own grave,,,, R. I. P sony,,,, soon Samsung too

  9. Dude this mobile is one of the highest rated camera mobile 88 (dxomark) all most equal to my s7 edge!

  10. Sony sound quality is always vanilla ice cream…But they lack in other aspects contents of smartphones…they have to re design n establish like Nokia is trying this year…Allthough their tablets were excellent..

      1. agree with you…but you need to understand.a country like India people need latest tech in affordable price …sony is a big failure for this..

        1. Even sony knows that indian people need budget mobiles but they wont make their handsets cheap. What is the use of redmi note 3 16 mp, redmi note 4 cameras. Every one is disappointed with their quality. U guys shout like i have 16mp cam. U budget guys need just specs on paper. U blindly believe that it is a 16mp camera. Lol.

        1. I have used it and that’s the reason I am calling Xiaomi garbage. Media experience is pathetic.

    1. lol. poor redmi fanboy. they think redmi is better than iPhone. go home redmi fanboys. lame camera.

      1. Except camera Sony can’t beat xiaomi in other features. Xiaomi phones have better build quality than other companies at same price range. For camera investing 12 k extra is not a good idea. You will get better quality cameras in 12 k. Like Sony is near about shutting down its mobile phone business you people already shut your mind.

      2. Except camera performance wise redmi note 3 is best in 15k range with metal body and 4100 mah battery and best customised os miui

        1. Don’t feel bad kid. If you can’t afford then don’t barking here. Pahle Iphone haat me leke dekho, then Iphone ke baare meh kuch comment karo, comment box free hai isiliye kya kuch v comment kaar dogee ?

          1. Hi friends…why fighting like kids….make decent comments and share your experiences.
            The ultimate purpose of phone is to talk only…nb- i have iphone as well as lenovo budget mobile

  11. This shows how much profit margin they are taking and making customers fool ,still very expensive bring it to 11 k

    1. Neither they are not making people fool nor the are making that much profit did you ever think why their handsets priced that much higher because of the hidden cost companies like sony samsung motorola apple htc etc spend billions of dollars in advertisement n research n development to create something new for customers offer them better features, trust me bro R n D makes lots of investment just due to which all we are using smartphones your smartphone too is the result of RnD chinese companies don’t have RnD they just picks up components copy the technique from bigger brands and paste these phones to us, that’s why their phones are so cheap phlee socha kro fir bola kro.

      1. Bhai yeh snapdragon soc 650 sony walo ne banayi h kya ?? Yeh bhi bas assemble kar dete h ,chinese walo ki tarah aur battery bhi 2600 mah bas mobile 3-4 ghante bhi muskil se chalega redmi note 3 with same chipset is 12000 and they are still pricing 25 k is it good

        1. I am not in favour of Xiaomi or Sony…but Mr Mahesh sony’s this model as you rightly pointed out has the same processor that redmi note 3 has but when you compare please compare all the specs and not just one aspect like how your doing right now…there is major difference in Camera..This model from Sony has 23mp at the rear and 13 in the front…it has 64 gb internal…so it’s not the same in specs department and we are already excluding the brand aspect all with others costs here. …

          1. Achaa theek h 11 k kuch zyada hi bol diya atleast 15k-17k should be good price for it because we are getting snapdargon 820 at tgis price point

        2. I think 25 is pretty good pricing but the problem is that Mwc is around and new thechonogy is likely to be announced and in Mobile world technology goes absolete very soon…if sony had introduced the same phone at 25k at launch it would be perfect then…now it seems a little late and there are other competitive products near the same price point…

        3. bhai chipset daalne se R&D ni ho jati , pura Phone ka internal + external research hota hai , material , design , placement , asthetic , machining process aur bhi bhut kuch , R&D pe khrach krna pdta hai tbhi company chlti hai vrna micromax wala haal hoga

    2. You will never get this for 11k dude. Go for Chinese crap like mi, leeco, coolpad. Just use it for one month. U will come to know the difference btw sony and ur chinese craps, Lol.

      1. I am using Mi 3 old handset still waiting for it to die so I can buy a new one, how will I know difference compared to Sony now?

        1. K bro. After the death of mi3 :p . Go for sony flagship. U will know the difference between a chinese crap and sony.

          1. Yeah! I can even spend 20k for sony. As they give more premium look and feel that no other chinese crap can give.

          2. Bewakoof को कभी ग्यान नहीं देना चाहिए. अब जिसको केवल naam ke uper पैसा phekna ही है तो कौन रोक सकता है.

          3. Mi understood that there are lot of budget bewakoofs like u , who cant spend more on quality. So they r launching for budget beggars like u. Poor bewakoof. Dont know the diff btw them

        1. Yes i have used redmi 1s, mi3, redmi note 3….. Recently i hv bought sony z5 premium for 35k …. And i have thrown away all chinese crap. The feel when holding it and using is just stunning xperience. Have you ever used sony ?

      2. Woh bhi crap bhi isse bahut acche h samjha aur itne price pe xiomi mi5 kyun na le aur one plus 3 ya le max2 woh bhi sahi h