For party lovers here is an exciting audio system, presenting the Sony MHC-V50D high power home audio system. This power packed audio system comes with built in party light and with host of features that you will know about once you go through this review.

This is a big and powerful audio system, that is also pretty easy to carry with a weight of just around 14Kgs. One such speaker is more than enough but two would be better for a bigger crowd. Sony MHC-V50D High power home audio system comes with a lot of connectivity options, so you are never left out with any options.

There is built in party light system that not only illuminates the speaker but also throws disco light on the wall and they dance to the tune that is being played. You can connect 2 microphones and even an electric guitar.

Taking about quality, just awesome, plus very loud, bass is too good (needed for the party mood).

Sony MHC V50D audio system review

Sony MHC-V50D High power home audio system Specifications

Functions : CD, DVD, USB x 2, FM, Audio in x2, TV (HDMI, Audio in), Bluetooth, NFC (for pairing)
Microphone Input : 2 (6φ / Guitar available for one port — MIC 2 / GUITAR)
Special Modes : Music Equalizer, Football, Video EQ, FIESTA, Bass Boost, DSEE sound enhancement and Clear Audio+
Party Chain (Wired) : This feature allow users to connect multiple such speakers in series
Lighting Effects : Speaker, Part lights
Other : Karaoke, Disc Drive, Sony Music Center & Fiestable app, DJ effects (flanger, WAH, Isolator, PAN)
Speaker Specs : Tweeter 4cm x 2, Woofer 20cm x 1, Mid Range 8cm x 2
Weight : 14Kg
Power : in standby 0.5W
Audio Wattage : 660 Watts
Controls : On top (touch buttons) and remote

Sony MHC V50D audio system unboxing


The output is very loud, in the room that I used this speaker, the max volume I could increase on the Sony MHC-V50D was 19. That was already too loud, imagine what will happen at 50 (max volume on this system). The sound output is pretty amazing and you feel the bass (using Bass boost).

Sony MHC V50D audio system performance

There are host of connectivity options, as mentioned in the specifications. The party light looked great and in case you want there is an option to switch it off. The best part is you can connect these speakers in chain using party chain feature.

Sony MHC V50D audio system controller


A very good option for those who party a lot. And also a very good option for housing societies that conduct cultural event at least some time in a year. Now most of these societies will get speakers on rent, they can in fact invest in 2 such speakers that will be more than enough and the quality will be much. much better, plus there is mic attachment options and a lot more.

Sony MHC V50D audio system with party lights

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Sony MHC-V50D is available for Rs. 32,990.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -