Snapdeal has modified their website UI giving it a new and refreshing look. Not only have they revamped the site design but also their Mobile app. You can check the Snapdeal website or their mobile app and experience the new UI.

Snapdeal has made these changes for better user experience, more focused on; to create consumer delight and enhanced offering. The new design makes it possible to search product easily with easy to access decision making information in a single view.

According to Snapdeal after implementing the new design, their website now loads 25% faster and mobile apps crashes are less than 1%. According to Anand Chandrasekaran (Chief product officer – Snapdeal), the new design lists out products in an uncluttered manner making it easier to navigate and more focused on visual elements.

snapdeal new design

The new Snapdeal user interface is simple, intuitive and modern. An elegant combination of icons, colours and fonts. Easier to navigate with improved category grouping.

Check out the new Snapdeal look!

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    Posted on August 9, 2015
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