The Smart Namo Phablet with a 6.5 inch screen that made news a few weeks back is in the news again. They have released some images of Smart Namo Saffron 2 on their Facebook page. The Phablet is expected to be priced at Rs. 21,111.

You can check out the full specifications here. Smart Namo Company has also posted the technical specs image on FB. Handset is 9.5mm thick but there was one thing that caught my attention and it was the stylus you can see that in the image below.

The specs also clearly mentions – with Electromagnetic stylus.  Probably it’s the pen type stylus that we have seen on the Samsung Galaxy Note and Note 2. I was in the impression that you need a special screen for the S-Pen to work but it’s not the case, there is nothing to do with the screen. Check this article to know more about how S-Pen work.

Smart Namo Saffron 2 stylus

The Stylus itself uses electromagnetic field to get a point on the screen.  Of course there are some changes that need to be done on the handset to detect and be able to work with the electromagnetic stylus. Nevertheless this is an interesting feature and hopefully will live up to the expectations as compared with Galaxy Note II.

13MP camera Smart Namo Saffron 2

Smart Namo Saffron 2 back glossy side

quad core Smart Namo Saffron 2

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -