Skin4Gadgets had launched their power bank that actually is a Tukzer power bank of 15,000 mAh capacity. Now Skin4Gadgets are providing a customized skin for this power bank. You can choose any skin you want and completely change the look and feel of the power bank.


Inside the box you will get the power bank, user guide, warranty card and data cable.

Design and Performance

This Skin4Gadgets Tukzer power bank is using a plastic body with a two color combination, i.e. if you are not using any Skin. But if you are using any Skin the looks changes completely. However on the side you can still see the two colour combination. This power bank is big, weighs around 269 grams, rectangular shape and flat on all the side.

The power bank comes with LED indicator – you need to shake it to view the battery levels. There is a micro USB port with max input 5V / 2A and two USB ports with max output 5V / 2A each. It comes with overcharge, over discharge, over current, temperature protection, smart power detection / saving and short circuit protection.

skin4gadgets 15000 mAh power bank with skin indian flag

It can charge two devices simultaneously and intelligent power saving mode will get you more juice out of this Power Bank.

skin4gadgets 15000 mAh power bank side view


It took me 8 hours to fully charge this power bank (using a 5V / 2A charger)  from almost 0% battery to 100% (4 LED indicators glowing).

skin4gadgets 15000 mAh power bank 2x usb port and 1x micro USB port

I was able to charge a smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery for almost 3 times.

skin4gadgets 15000 mAh power bank box pack (tukzer)


This is another power bank available in the market. It is from the Tukzer brand but thanks to Skin4Gadgets Skins you can change the look of this bank as per your choice.

Initially it was priced at ₹2,999 but as of now you can get it for a good price of ₹1,600 only.

Skin4Gadgets 15000 mAh power bank (with a skin of your choice) is available for ₹1,600.

Official site : Skin4Gadgets.

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By Rajeev Rana

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